About the Scholarship

To provide a Board of Regents policy and procedures for implementing the Higher Education Success Stipend Program, This funding opportunity has been established. It is also known as the Utah Centennial Opportunity Program for Education. HESSP is a State supplement program to increase grant and work assistance from Federal Government student financial aid programs and it gives importance to the economic success, and general welfare of the people of Utah. The financial assistance is focusing mainly on the educational levels, leadership skills and the higher academic study of the Utah residents, for which the economical support is given to the students. A student must maintain the minimum GPA as stated by financial aid.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

  • To be considered for this scholarship award, an applicant must fill and submit the FAFSA application form in order to determine their financial status of his/her family.

  • Students receiving the award must provide proof of letter to the financial aid indicating, he/she uses fund amount for the purpose of covering his/her cost of attendance budget.

  • By financial aid rules, a student must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to receive this fund, hence all applicants are required to demonstrate their academic excellence by submitting the official transcripts of ACT/SAT scorecards.

  • A student must demonstrate a need for financial assistance based on the expected family contribution as determined by the Federal need analysis process for Higher Education.

Award Amount and Deadline:

All Qualified applicants will receive $5000 every year.

The scholarship application will start on July 1st of each year and ends on June 30 of next year. It is a twelve-month duration program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A student should be a resident of the State of Utah under Utah Code 53B-8-102 and Board Policy R512.

  • currently enrolled in an eligible institution on at least a half-time basis as defined in Federal regulations applicable to Title IV of the Higher Education Act.

  • A student should study in a post-high school program of at least nine months duration, leading to an Associate or Bachelor’s degree, or to a diploma or certificate in an applied technology or another occupational specialty.

  • A student should be good in academics. 

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