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Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program 

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program(VTAG)  is a non need-based grant generates valuable annual tuition assistance for full-time Virginia students attending private colleges and universities within the state. Funds for this grant have been appropriated by the state legislature since 1973. The exact amount of each academic year’s award is determined by the available funding and the total number of eligible applicants. Earning  Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant(VTAG)  requires Virginia residency  It is not intended for non-residents living in the state for the purpose of attending college.  Financial aid offices and high school guidance departments provide further information about participating schools, which are generally, members of the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia.

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program Amount

Undergraduates and graduate students are eligible to  earn varying amounts, when qualifications are maintained. Undergraduates are eligible for as much as $3270 each, while graduate students each qualify for around $1640.

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program Application deadline

The 2019-2020 VTAG Application is available on the website. The initial application deadline is July 31, 2019.  Please complete the VTAG Application, and submit the application to your institution’s financial aid office.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should be registered as a full-time undergraduate, graduate or professional student.

  • Candidate should be a domiciled resident of Virginia

  • Candidate shouldn't be pursuing any religious training or theological education in an eligible institution.

  • Candidates graduate program are limited to those in a health-related professional program, designated by the 51 series of programs under the NCES Classification of Instruction Programs. 

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