About the Scholarship

The Washington College Bound Scholarship Program is a financial aid program run by the Washington Student Association Council to cater to the financial needs of eligible students of Washington studying in the participating institutes of Washington.

The family income of the students must fall within 65 percent of the median salary. The program aims to encourage the students to take initiative to go for higher studies while they are in middle school.

The students who are eligible take the pledge to complete their high school education in Washington, study in WSAC eligible colleges, serve to be good citizens and maintain good academic standing. The students must fill the FAFSA when they apply for college.  

Washington College Bound Scholarship award amount

  • The award amount of the Washington college bound scholarship program is $1800

  • The college-bound scholarship can be combined with other state financial aid programs to cover the tuition fee, other educational requirements, and a book allowance. 

  • The additional financial assistance can be provided in terms of federal grants, work-study loans, and other types of state financial aid. 

  • The number of recipients of the award can vary every year. Last year, the number of recipients was 13000.   

Washington College Bound Scholarship application 

The application process for the program is available on the website of the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). The guardian of the student is supposed to sign the application form.  

The students can submit the application while they are studying in their seventh or eighth-grade.

They cannot, however, submit the form after completing eighth grade. All submissions have to be made before the application deadline.

Washington College Bound Scholarship Deadline

The scholarship application for this term must be submitted by June 30, 2019

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

  • The student's family income must fall by 65%.

  • The eligibility of the student will be determined when the student completes needful procedures.

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