About the Scholarship

The "Worda Russell Memorial Endowment Scholarship" award is given by the organization 'ESA Foundation'. This scholarship is established in 1929 for the eligible U.S, Australian and Canadian students. This scholarship is for current graduate and undergraduate student's tuition, registration fees, books, dormitory fees, or any other college fees or academic expenses whose major is education or teaching.

How to apply for the scholarship?

  • Applications are available on the official website 'ESA Foundation' and all the applicants must access the online application in order to apply for this scholarship and $5 will be charged for this scholarship application.

  • The applicant has to log in to the website first for applying and he/she has leadership/service quality for this scholarship.
  • A student must submit a copy of his/her birth certificate or passport (preferred) or alien registration card.
  • Applicant must have to submit FAFSA or TASFA certificate.
  • A student must submit the Official scorecards of ACT/SAT to demonstrate the completion of the graduation semester as well as academic performance.

  • A student must also submit two reference letter and a personal essay about future plans. And another must be from an industry professional for whom he/she has worked.

  • A student has to submit the CSS profile and if his/her parents got divorced or separated then both father and mother should be complete the CSS profile.
  • He/she has to submit the copy of both parents and his/her federal tax return to the board of the college.
  • In addition to that applicant must write and submit and a two-page essay on a topic listed in the scholarship application.

  • All the official transcripts and reference letters must be sent as PDF files.

    The awarded amount for the scholarship:

    The amount awarded for this scholarship is $800 per year and is non-renewable. The number of awards given to the eligible candidates is one.

    The deadline of the scholarship:

    The deadline for the scholarship is the 1st of February.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be a high school senior graduate or undergraduate student.

His/her major must be education/teaching.

His/Her grade point average should be of 3.0 or higher.

He/she must be a resident of the U.S.

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