What are Not For Profit Colleges?

It would sound surprising but most of the colleges and universities are nonprofit entities. They charge only the tuition fee and they spend that on education. More details about Not for Profit Colleges can be found here.

Updated by Navya B on 9th May 2018

What are Not For Profit Colleges?

Not for profit college are those traditional colleges that you like to picture when one talks about huge dorms, big campus, historical importance etc.
These colleges receive their funding for curriculum, professors salary, and other college expenses. By receiving funding from government, tuition, and endowments.
The professors of these colleges mostly design their own course plan and implement it.

List of colleges for Not For Profit Colleges

Liberty University Capella University
Arizona State University Drexel University Online
Keiser University Boston University
Hofstra University Creighton University

How do they function?

  • The aim of not-for-profit universities is to provide each and every student with a full educational experience with a good quality of education.
  • They mainly are focused on training the students for future employment and jobs through training and networking events.
  • Non -profit colleges have been providing the students with more affordable degrees.
  • The non-distribution constraint does not ensure that non-profit and public colleges are great, but it does explain the differences we see in the decisions and behaviours of the sector.
  • They have more flexibility as they offer students the change of completing the course
  • They offer a wide variety of programs from Latin basket weaving to comic book studies. 

Why Choose Not For Profit Colleges?

  • They help in serving students interest and helping them finish their college degree. According to a survey done in 2013 students completing their degree from For-Profit Colleges is 33% and from Not For Profit Colleges is 52%.
  • More affordable
  • For-Profit College Spends $ 8 per student on student research while Not For Profit college spends $ 5,887 per student.
  • Since most of the Not For Profit colleges are accredited, your degree will have more value and you can even transfer credits to other schools or to receive financial aid, and it will also help employers to recognize your degree. 


The not for profit colleges are best suited for people who cannot afford very highly expensive colleges and schools.

This is a place for people who solely believe in pure academics regardless of other factors.

Not for profit colleges are also as good as profit colleges; there is no difference except the educational costs and the tuition fees.