What can you do with a Accounting Degree?

Accounting degree career options include forensic accountant, financial analyst, actuary, financial advisory and many other financial options. This blog covers some of the options out of many so go forward and read it

Posted by Ankita Paul on 1st May 2018

What can you do with an Accounting Degree?

  • Accounting degrees can help a person get good positions in financial or consulting companies.

  • They can go for careers as an accountant, financial analyst, forensic accountant, advisory positions, actuary, auditors, cost accountant, business analyst and various other careers.

  • Accounting is one such field without which a business cannot run. In order to be an accounting expert, one should have detailed knowledge in this field.

  • Accounting students can brush their skills, by working with qualified professionals, who would help them in gaining various insights in this field.

  • The first step to earn a bachelor’s degree in this field is, by applying for an associate degree in accounting.

  • Such programs help the aspirants for basic jobs, such as accounting assistant, bookkeeper, tax preparer etc.

Some jobs related to an accounting degree include:

  • Accountant - An Accountant is a person who accomplishes tasks related to accounting such as auditing or financial statement analysis. An accountant is qualified to compile, review, interpret as well as report financial statements and tax revenues that comply with governmental and supervisory authority requirements.

  • Forensic Accountant - This era marks the beginning of digitization, with every trading, banking and other financial transactions converting into online transactions. There is a high chance of fraud, theft, embezzlement, and scams which can be difficult to notice sometimes. Here comes the work of a forensic accountant where he has to continuously audit the transactions of a concern, whether governmental or non-governmental, to verify frauds, transactions, liabilities, and taxation.

  • Financial analyst - Financial analysts investigate money related information about products, industries or regions, and utilize this information to make financial forecasts and evaluate the potential risks of investment decisions.

  • Cost Accountants - Cost accountants are needed especially in manufacturing and construction companies. These accountants have to acquire high technical expertise along with good knowledge of business, business policies and mathematics skills. It is because making small or large projects requires appropriate knowledge in all these.

  • Actuary - An actuary is a business proficient who ascertains money related risks through probability, statistics and information on business and financial matters. They utilize predictive analysis of statistics and patterns to tell the probability of an occasion happening. An actuary is somebody who endeavors to value the future.

  • Financial Advisor - Personal financial advisors are the need of the hour as people need somebody to help them in investments and financial planning. Advisors will guide us by looking at the current market trends and advise us to make investments in the proper basket of investments.

Colleges offering Accounting Degree

The colleges that offer education in accounting and finance include the following colleges

Liberty University

Keiser University

Baker College

Laurus College

Beckfield College

American Intercontinental University

Pennsylvania State University

Creighton University

Capella University

Ashford University



Accounting degrees help the individuals in earning reputed positions in renowned companies if their interest is in core finance. The other career options in the accounting field include management accountant, chartered accountant, stockbroker, bookkeeper, company secretary and many more.