What can you do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal justice degree has a wide variety of options like forensic psychologist, paralegal, police officers, private detectives, Us Marshal and many more so go ahead and find out more.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 1st May 2018

What can you do with a criminal justice degree?

A criminalist is a person who belongs to science background and uses techniques learned in chemistry, biology, geology, and other scientific disciplines to investigate and solve crimes.

A criminologist has a pay of around $30,000 to $50,000 for the first four years, and beyond five or more years, he would be paid a handsome package of around $69,000.

But areas where there aren’t many crimes taking place, they would end up getting anything around $41,000.

Following jobs are available with a criminal justice degree:

  • Paralegal- A paralegal has to support lawyers by maintaining and organizing files. They help attorneys with their tasks and they work in private law firms, government agencies or corporate offices. They help lawyers by planning for hearings, conduct research, and maintain details of the meetings held with the clients and various communications.

  • Forensic Psychologist- These people evaluate the mental conditions of the suspect and their mentality of committing a crime even after their release from custody. These people represent considerable authority in applying mental learning to lawful issues both in criminal and common fields.

  • FBI Agent- FBI agents are the people who conduct investigations with respect to a crime committed which include murders, accidents, terrorisms, cyber crimes, public corruptions, etc. Their primary task is to enforce federal law as they belong to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

  • Police Officer- This job is the most sought-after and popular jobs of all. The demand for this job is expected to grow by 7% as the crime is also on a rise as stated by U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics. Police officers are the face of the justice system as they are the ones to not only catch hold of criminals but also prevent crimes from rising.

  • CIA Agent- CIA agents are supposed to serve the country and the law through preventing law violations all around the world as they represent themselves from the Central Intelligence Agency. There is a considerable amount of risk associated with this job for which they are called upon covertly. That is the reason their salaries are also high.

  • Forensic Science Technician- A forensic science technician collects and analyses evidence from crime scenes. They are the people who help the officers catch culprits and acquit them. They even testify their evidence in the court from the samples like fingerprints, blood spots, DNA analysis, or through handwriting analysis.

Colleges offering Criminal Justice degree

Criminal Justice degree is been provided by many renowned universities, some of which are-

Vista College

Roger Williams University

Webber International University

Trine University

Northwestern Michigan College

Ashworth College

Kaplan University

Liberty University

University Of Phoenix

McCann School of Business & Technology


Criminal justice degrees have a very wide variety of career options. The above-given options are just a few. Other career options include US Marshal, private detective, probation officer, private detective or investigator and many more. To find out the various colleges, explore through the College Monk website to find more.