What can you do with a History Degree?

Becoming a practicing historian, be it in academia or elsewhere, needs a rigorous academic foundation. beyond positions actively and directly concerning the academic discipline, a degree in history offers a particularly dynamic range of career choices. To know more about it do read the blog.

Posted by Akshay Nair P R on 2nd May 2018

“This is not “His - Story”; this is, our “Story”; we should learn from our past as history always tells you the future.”


What can you do with a History Degree?

Once a student asked his History teacher “What can I do with a History Degree?”. His teacher smiled and said, there is a short and a long answer, just like the good and bad news things.“The short and honest answer is that unlike journalism, engineering, nursing, education. There won’t be interviewers coming with conditions such as “History majors only” or “History majors preferred”. There is no single, clear career track after doing a bachelors or major degree in History. But there are companies such as banks, hired recent-graduate history majors to become trainee bank officers; my brother-in-law followed this career path and just retired from J.P. Morgan Chase after a 40-year career, and to be honest, he was earning way more than me

Look around you won’t see a large number people with history majors, sitting in their home and doing nothing. There are jobs, you can get it. The answer to that can be found in the long answer by the teacher below.

“The good thing about history is that it is diverse, there are various courses available. Almost 25 percent of history undergrads goto a law school for their majors. There is various law school where you can do a law degree with a background in history. The other 10 percent go for teaching majors. The other goes for international relations, library science, or even museum studies. In fact, it’s becoming easier to get a job after owning a history degree; if you have the ability to write, read, and critically think. There are people with history degree working in Madison, Wisconsin as a project manager”

Possible career options

Many history careers combine the knowledge of history and the passion for teaching. They can work as a lecturer tutor and then lead on to writing and broadcasting careers. One of the main career traits that you should have for this is curiosity about the word and curiosity about facts.

  • A Career in Archiving and Heritage

Many historical archives such as galleries, museums, libraries offer opportunities to people with a background in History. There is a lot of scopes for them to excel in this field due to their wide knowledge about this subject.

  • A Career in Politics

Politics and history have always been interwoven. A political career is well-suited for a history graduate because of their ability to analyze key political events in history, and learn and take notes from that or even defame their opposition using their history.

More career opportunities and more about History as a career you can find it here

Source:- www.historians.org

Colleges offering a degree in History



American Public University

Bob Jones University

George Mason University

Brandeis University

Kansas University

Columbus State University

University of Kentucky

University of North Dakota


A degree in history, whether bachelor’s or advanced, prepares graduates for a large number of careers. As analysis and writing skills are needed for several professional methods, the historian’s skills span industries. on the far side the role of educator or archivist, people with this degree are just as much in demand in politics, law, libraries and also the literary world. Thus, taking a degree in history would add one more feather to your cap.