What can you do with a Marketing Degree?

A marketing degree is an academic award offered to an individual by any university or college for successful completion in the specialised field of marketing in areas like marketing research, social media marketing, marketing analyst, marketing management. A clear report on the outcomes and pre-requisites of a marketing degree is presented in the article.

Posted by Theres Ann on 27th April 2018

What is marketing?

Marketing is the methodology to convince the customers on why they should purchase your product. It is a technique to educate them on the necessity to purchase your product. Moreover, marketing is what makes a customer cling on your product. Marketing is the collective process of research, promotion, sales, and, distribution of your products and services.

Satisfied customers are the outcomes of best production and marketing. Creation and implementation of a marketing plan to keep the marketing tactics focused are really important in this field.

The four Ps of marketing are as given below.

  • Product

  • Price

  • Promotion

  • Place

There are different types of marketing including email marketing, internet marketing and many more.

Importance of marketing

For any business, marketing is an unavoidable strategy. Marketing aims not just at the growth of business but also the maintenance of the impact created by the business. The various benefits of marketing include an increase in awareness, increase in sales, and, creation of a trust.

  • Transfer and sales are facilitated by marketing

  • The standard of living of the community is improved with the help of marketing

  • Employment is an outcome of marketing

  • Marketing helps in making decisions

  • Marketing acts as an idea generator

  • ‘No sale = No gain’. Marketing helps in developing an economy

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Prerequisites to apply for a marketing degree

Marketing degrees can be obtained at three different levels. They are as follows:

  • Undergraduate

    • A strong preparatory high-school program is a must to apply for a Bachelors level Marketing program.

  • Graduate

    • A bachelors degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing is more than required to apply for a Graduate program

What to learn in a Marketing program?

Most marketing programs be it Bachelors or Masters program have the below-mentioned subjects in the syllabus.

  • Managerial Communications - Modern day business involves a lot of communication at all levels of transactions. Honed skills for Technical communication, written communication, and oral communication keep marketers on top.

  • Macroeconomics - The study on the problems of employment, inflation, interest rates, and sales cycles are important in macroeconomics

  • Principles of Marketing - The basic marketing principles such as product development, distribution, promotion, and pricing are important in deriving the best concepts

  • Principles of Management - Division of work, authority, discipline, subordination, remuneration, Centralization, Scalar chain, equity, team-spirit and more are identified as principles of management and act as the foundation of marketing

  • Principles of Finance - Arbitrage, market efficiency, asset pricing model, portfolio theory and more are studied under the principles of finance

  • Principles of International Business - cultural, political and legal environments in international business, analysis of trade theories, description of foreign exchange markets and exchange rates, analysis of tactical alternatives, evaluation of international business functions and more are identified as principles of international business

  • Business to Business Marketing - Marketing of an organization’s product to another organization is known as Business to Business marketing

  • Marketing Research - Observation, focus groups, interview, survey or questionnaire are the different types of market research

  • Consumer Behavior - The factors influencing customer behavior at different locationsS

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Career choices after a marketing degree

With the growing impact of business over global economy there are a plethora of career opportunities that are open after the completion of a Masters degree. A few of the career choices are as given below.

  • Marketing Manager -  Is responsible for identifying the strategies to improve the business for a given product. A marketing manager is an all-round performer with additional skills in strategic thinking and fast implementation.

  • Brand Marketing Manager - Require enormous skills and consumer understanding to define the look and feel of your organization.

  • Marketing Copywriter - Creates content that markets in the industry. Each word of the copy matters in selling your product.

  • Search Engine Marketing specialist - Digital marketing is the buzzword in the industry and finding ways to place your website on top is highly efficient in bringing your firm on top.

  • Social media marketing specialist - Social media marketing is required to let your organization on top of the ladder by using marketing techniques in social media such as Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and many more.

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No business would exist without marketing. In a way, marketing marks the growth of your firm. The more efficient and strategic is the marketing plan, better would be the abilities of the organization to get on top. Since the impact of marketing is critical in business, so is the importance of marketing specialists. If you depict the knack to communicate, plan and sell then you are not just improving the business of the organization but the best marketer in you.


  Which are career opportunities that are available after the completion of a Marketing major?

Opportunities including positions such as marketing executive, accounts director, product marketing manager, senior marketing manager, SEO director and more are open for marketing graduates. 

  Do government agencies offer job roles in marketing?

Most organizations need a marketing platform and so is the case with government agencies. Public relations positions, purchasing agent positions, trade positions, and sports marketing positions are available for marketing graduates to take-up.

  Which are the out-of-the-box job roles for marketing professionals?

Job roles such as restaurant manager, public relations manager, event planner, fundraising coordinator, media planner and more are a few varieties of job roles after the completion of a Marketing degree.

  Name a few organizations that ensure the standards of marketing.

Organizations such as Association of National Advertisers, Data and Marketing Association, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation, Internet Marketing Association,  American Marketing Association, Hubspot Academy, Content Marketing Association, Lynda, Story brand and, Insights Association are a few professional bodies that maintain the standards of marketing.

  How long does it take to become a marketing professional?

An Associates of Marketing can be completed within 2 years whereas a Bachelors program takes 4 years for completion.

  Which are the specializations available within the marketing domain?

Specializations such as marketing research, innovation, and product management, marketing promotion and communication, sales leadership, supply chain sales, consumer marketing management and more are available as specializations within the marketing domain.