What can you do with a Marketing Degree?

A marketing degree is an academic award offered to an individual by any university or college for successful completion in the specialised field of marketing in areas like marketing research, social media marketing, marketing analyst, marketing management.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 27th April 2018

What can you do with a marketing degree?

Marketing is everywhere.

Every industry, every type, every size of business needs and relies on marketing for its business to grow.

A marketing degree can open a wide array of job options like marketing manager, search engine marketing, social media marketing, marketing research, consumer research and many more.

Some jobs related to marketing degree include-

  • Marketing Manager-  A duty of a marketing manager is to identify potential markets and customers and develop strategies to retain existing customers. A marketing specialization helps the students to develop skills and think strategically to promote products and services with the help of advertising and promotion managers. 

  • Marketing Research Analyst- A Marketing Research analyst is supposed to examine the competitive landscape on a local, regional or national scale to help direct marketing efforts. They are supposed to collect information and prepare reports to determine potential sales of a product or service. 

  • Search engine marketing specialist- Search engine marketing specialist with their excellent analytical skills make sure that their company’s content comes to the first five searches in Google’s page, that is what organic content marketing is. While there is one more way to advertise your product which is by paid advertising content. 

  • Social Media Marketing specialist- A social media marketer promotes its product through proper optimization of their content in all forms of social media like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. Social media is a broad field, with opportunities to specialize in one platform or media or to develop your career and progress into senior strategic roles such as VP of communications.

  • UX Designer- Having only a company website is not enough. It should be coupled with great content and ease of its use whether it's in a mobile or website interfaces. User experience designers have to marry creativity with functionality, they need to be tech savvy with the knowledge or interest in human behavior.

  • Advertising or Promotions Manager- His job is to mainly plan, promote and coordinate the advertising campaigns in different platforms of advertising. A promotions manager has to take decisions of offers, discounts to arouse interest in the consumers.

 Some colleges that provide Marketing degrees-

Well, there are some of the best online colleges that provide marketing specializations in their programs. The following are some of the colleges providing the best education in marketing specialization-

Regent University

Bay State College

University of Management and Technology

Tiffin University

Manhattan College

Liberty University

Colorado Technical University

Walden University

Ashworth College

Colombia Southern University



One of the very interesting things about marketing is that jobs are available in a variety of industries. It is not constrained by a narrow scope. Here, you can get the most filtered information about the colleges, degrees offered by streams, by states and help yourself to become the best.