What can you do with a Philosophy Degree?

You can go for a profession of a teacher, a journalist, paralegal, health profession managers. government officers, be a psychotherapist. Philosophy is a study of human behavior, ethics, religion and dealing with the human community. It is all about humans.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 2nd May 2018

What can you do with a Philosophy degree?

  • A Philosophy Degree can be useful if you want to divulge yourself into human behavior and human community.

  • Philosophy inculcates a habit to think logically and clearly and develop a sense of passion and compassion for the human community.

  • You can go for career options like academician, health manager, psychotherapist, paralegal, journalist, social service worker and many more career options.

 Career options with Philosophy Degree-

  • Lecturer- The profession of a lecturer is the aptest for a philosophy degree holder. As a teacher, you will be responsible to provide vocational training, academic training, and basic skills in literacy, numeracy, and English speaking skills. As a philosopher, you will be able to explain the concepts better to the students as you are better qualified for it.

  •  Health Professions- Philosophy majors are well represented in health professions both as practitioners and administrators. You will be basically a health manager where you have to manage the cost, delivery, and quality of healthcare services.

  •  Local Government officer- As a government officer, you have to cover areas like health, social work, tourism, transport, Housing, libraries, regeneration and many more. You need to keep in contact with the local authorities, council members, administrators in local councils. You have to basically assist in the formulation and implementation of policies, provide support to the workforce, and communicate council decisions to those affected and many more responsibilities.

  •  Psychotherapist- Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples, families, and groups to help them overcome a range of psychological and emotional issue. Their therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapies, psychoanalytic therapies, etc. They need to work with individuals on one to one basis and give them advice, conduct group sessions with patients undergoing therapies to analyze their recovery, undergo supervision underqualified therapists and even supervise other therapists.

  •  Newspaper Journalist- A newspaper journalist can work in the editor’s section and write wonderful articles about life, reality, world, current trends and can even integrate it with philosophy. Philosophy is a suitable subject for a journalist as it brings out the real writer within them.

Colleges offering Philosophy Degree

Dallas Baptist University

Front Range Community College

South Texas College

Arizona State University

Columbus State University

Gonzaga University

Murray State University

Fort Hays State University

Southwestern college

American Public University System


Philosophy degree provides majors to understand human behavior and learn about and even research for it. There are many other options available like careers in publishing, councilling, public sector, law, in local and state governments, etc. All these sectors have their own roles and responsibilities. So, explore the various colleges providing philosophy degrees.