What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

A Political Science major can go for options like politician, lawyers, paralegal, political researcher, public relations, social worker, a teacher and so many more. So go ahead and read the blog to find the various options available.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 2nd May 2018

What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

  • Political Science majors have varied options in their career choices. They can easily go into politics, be a lawyer, and work as a social worker and sociologists.

  • Other out of the box career options include journalism, human relations, marketing and many more sectors.

  • Political Science majors are degree holders who study the governmental rules and regulations and how they are made.

  • Political Science majors should have strong analytical skills as it involves many decisions which cannot be taken easily.

  • The other skills involved include communication skills, research skills, decision making and problem-solving skills.

Careers in political science degree-

  • Politics- Politics is the major career in a life of political science major.

    This degree will help them to formulate strategies to win and survive the political game.

    In this, you have to have a strong sense of communication because you need to talk to the people all the time.

    Politics also need strong analytical skills because you are held responsible to take important decisions all the time.

  •  Public Relations Specialist- A public relations officer needs to communicate strong values and enhance public opinion of his political party mainly through media systems.

    They often organize press conferences, meetings, and other such events to attract media attention so that the media promotes the word of mouth positively.

  •  Market Research Analyst- Political science students assess the reactions of potential voters to candidates.

    Political science majors study the role of survey research and opinion polling in campaigning.

    Political Science majors possess certain research skills and use it in scientifically viable studies.

    They should present their findings with the data collected to his political party.

  •  Lawyer- You can also go for the profession of a lawyer with a political science degree but it will also need further studies in depth as this profession is vast.

    Lawyers provide legal support to their clients who appoint them to perform legal administrations by lawful speculations.

  • Paralegal- Paralegals help attorneys to prepare for their tasks through organizing and planning for meetings, trials and communicate it to his clients. 

  • Journalism- Journalism is a profession where all your political science skills like communication, analytical, decision making, problem solving and research skills come into play.

    You have to do political write-ups which is also a specialization and express your views on behalf of the common people.

  • Social Services- Social work is a common career path for individuals who want to be involved in social service

    In addition to helping clients, social workers can make use of their researching skills to organize and help in social programs like child welfare and food stamps.

  • Teaching- Professors with political science majors are the people who can truly express the political scenario in reality and explain it to the students.

    You can even go for Ph.D. programs to give a cherry on top.

Colleges offering Political Science Degree-

Post University

Key college

Herzing University

Kaplan University

Keiser University


You have many career options to choose from. The above are some of the options while other options include a legislative assistant, social media manager, political consultant, Intelligence analyst, political campaign staff and even college student leadership.