What can you do with a Psychology Degree?

Psychology is one of the top five most popular college majors and a topic that fascinates many people. A psychology degree develops knowledge of human behaviour as well as research, statistics, and writing skills. It provides a base for many careers. To know more about this degree read this blog.

Posted by Akshay Nair P R on 10th May 2018

What can you do with a Psychology Degree?

Whether you plan to earn an undergraduate degree in the subject or just have a casual interest in learning more about psychology, having a good understanding of the human mind and behaviour can help you excel in a wide variety of career paths. Since psychology is something that can be applied anywhere and a little knowledge of Psychology always gives an extra edge. Whether you intend to earn a college degree in the subject or simply have a casual interest in learning more regarding psychology. Having a decent understanding of human psychology and behaviour will assist you to deal with people in a better way.

Career Possibilities

Interested in mental health? Consider turning into a mental health psychologist. Keen on working with young people? Consider becoming an educational psychologist or a pediatric welfare worker. Wish to assist support criminal justice and rehabilitation? consider becoming a parole officer. The choices are immense.

The good thing is that most of these jobs will be available just after the graduation. Only a few specialized roles need requires further studies.

Below is a list of possible jobs that a person with economics degree would do, and I have explained about some of them.

Counsellor Media and Advertising
Education Probation and Parole Officers
Genetic Counselling Social Worker
Human Resources

Forensic Psychologist

Child Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

  • Counsellor

A psychology degree will give the foundation for a career in the growing fields of counselling and therapy. As a counsellor, you'll be involved in helping individuals come back to raised terms with their lives and experiences through exploration of feelings and emotions. A bachelor’s in psychology or a related field will be an quality for achieving certifications in areas like drug abuse counselling or prevention. Like psychotherapy, counselling is usually a sort of talking therapy and may encompass areas including marriage and family, health, abuse, rehabilitation, education, grief, mental health, career guidance, and paediatrics. Drug abuse and behavioural disorder counsellors earn an average $38,520, mental health counsellors and family therapists earn an average $41,500.

  • Education

Careers for psychology graduates curious about the education sector can take a number of different methods. To be named an educational psychologist, you'll need a similar qualification as any psychologist. This can be a role involved with the development of youngsters in academic settings, with the aim of enhancing learning and dealing with social and emotional problems or learning difficulties. To become a teacher of psychology, depending on the level you choose, you will almost definitely need an additional teaching qualification.

  • Social Worker

A social worker is someone who works with people who are going through tough periods in their lives. These usually include groups like kids or the elderly, people with disabilities and victims of crime and abuse. A graduate degree is useful, but not continually needed. An individual can get their start in the social services arena with way less. A social worker can tend to be specialized in working with youngsters and families or vulnerable adults. Social and community service managers average $59,970, according to the BLS. This can be another area where more than average growth is predicted.

What do psychology graduates do?

Destination Percentage
Employed 58.9
Further study 20.7
Unemployed 5
Working and studying 9.9
Others 5.5


Type of work Percentage
Childcare, health and education work 16.4
Legal, social and welfare 14.1
Retail, catering and bar work 16.1
Secretarial and numerical clerks 10.3
Other 43.2


Job opportunities are abundant after doing a degree in psychology, as it also provides various career openings. People who have a soft corner to people in need and those who want to help others in a professional manner and try to bring about a change in the society and the way people lead their life should definitely go for this degree.

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