What can you do with a Public Health Degree?

Public health is "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals."

Posted by Akshay Nair P R on 8th May 2018

What can you do with a Public Health Degree?

Public health degrees open doors beyond just the usually assumed government career path. There are literally large types of settings within which public health graduates may go, like any degree program. some of those settings are:

  • Public: Health department administration, disaster preparation, and public Nursing are just 3 areas in which a public health graduate may work for the govt.

  • Education: Education-related roles in public health are usually as lecturers to public health students or within research.

  • Private: Whether as a consultant or employee, public health graduates usually work for pharmaceutical brands, healthcare organizations or insurance firms.

  • Non-profit: Non-profit roles for public health graduates tend to deal with gaps in healthcare or focus on a selected population. Let's say, a non-profit role might serve minorities, veterans or mothers.

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Options for Public Health Degree

  • Bachelors in Public Health

BPH (Bachelors in Public Health), multiple areas of specialization are usually provided for public health students during a Bachelor's degree program. Such degrees additionally offer an honest foundation and focus for a later graduate program. This feature needs students to enroll in and complete courses that cater to the requirement for general education equivalent to English, mathematics, and History, as well as specific courses concerning public health, together with Environmental Science, Human disease, healthcare delivery, Principles of Public Health.

Colleges offering Bachelors degree in Public Health

Walden University

Fort Hays State University

Arizona University

Southern New Hampshire University

American Public University System

Shenandoah University

  • Masters in Public Health

MPH (Masters in Public Health), another profound degree option - and perhaps the most common for public health professionals - for public health prospects is the Masters in Public Health. This program is best complemented by a BPH degree but can accompany other social science degrees as a specialization. The ability to compete with their peers toward more lucrative roles.

Capella University

Benedictine University

Kaplan University

Creighton University

Colorado Technical University (CTU)

Johns Hopkins University

 Career Path

A degree in Public Health opens up a wide variety of career possibilities.

  • Biostatistics

This is the analysis of data because it applies to healthcare, using models to trace population health and establish trends. Best suited to students with a love and ability for Mathematics, this career field inside public health offers potential roles of Biostatistician, Health informatics Specialist and Medical and Health Science Manager, among others. This could be achieved through the use of computer software, public interviews, and review of public health data.

  • Community Health

As the name suggests it the people involved in this mainly focuses on improving the health of the community. These public health workers take a holistic approach to public health, considering what might influence the health of a given region's population. These roles sometimes involve higher concentration on Political science, Sociology, and biology than those in the Biostatistics and informatics area of work. The importance of making provider networks and partnering public health agencies is the main element of the community health.

  • Global Health

These people look beyond the scope of intranational problems and seek to grasp and supply insight into international public health epidemics. Some topics found in this concentration include Chronic illness and disease, Environmental Health, Policy and Administration, and Management. The aim of this program is to form leaders which will assist with researching, developing, and implementing useful international health initiatives that can play a large role in the improvement of public health for countries all over the globe.

Public Health Jobs, Wages and Growth

Public Health Occupation

AVG Salary

% Growth by 2022 




Community Health Workers



Environmental Scientists and Specialists



Health Educators



Medical and Health Services Managers



Health Specialties Teachers



Healthcare Social Workers



Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers



Mental Health Counselors



Natural Sciences Managers




People involved with public health aims to improve the quality of life by trying to prevent so many things that can be fatal to us. The scope of this degree is not only limited to one field is also been seen throughout this whole article. So, for people who want to do something for the community but they also have an urge to earn something can certainly go for this field. As now is the time when there is the need for people with the knowledge of public health more than ever.