What can you do with a Sociology Degree?

A Sociology Degree helps in career choices for paths like consulting, counselling, research executives, public speaking and many more.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 25th April 2018

What can you do with a Sociology Degree?

Sociology majors basically build their careers which are revolving around counseling, therapy, consulting, critics, academician, consumer research, cultural analyst, public speaker and many more.

Sociology majors are people who love to take account of the human community.

They examine the environment, study the society which they live in.

They learn everything related to the social realm and gain experience with dealing with people and the societal problems.

It is a broad study which involves critical thinking and problem solving and deals with subjects like marriage, therapy, criminology, family, gender roles, team buildings, etc.

Careers related to the Sociology degree

  • Movie Critic - A sociology major can work as a media critic, giving judgments on the type of movies made in Hollywood. They can even talk about social topics in public forums where celebrities come and talk in the presence of an audience, even broadcasted on national televisions.

  • Motivational speaker - As an alternative career option, these majors can take up the option to motivate people & give therapy to people who are mentally anxious, suffering depression, suicidal, etc.

  • Consumer Research - A sociologist is trained to talk to people, know about their needs and wants, preferences, etc. As a business career, this is one of the best options to work in a corporate environment. It involves working and knowing people at the core in some way. A company needs to have this data to have a competitive advantage in the market.

  •  Counseling - Some counselors work extensively towards guiding people towards their suitable career paths.  Some counselors also focus on developing people health wise. These counselors also help students to know about abuse, drugs, bullish behaviors, etc.

  •  Human Resource Representatives - HRs do not always have to be from management business graduates who come from B-Schools and management studies. They can also be sociologists who are experts with people, their attitudes, behavior, etc. They will understand the need of the organization, type of people required for a position and then hire them.


A sociology major can help the society in many ways to develop it. They are an asset to the mankind as they are the people who understand the societal dilemmas and help in recovering the environment.