What is Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is specifically designed for the business persons who are experienced and advanced in their career. The degree can help evolve their knowledge of leadership, strategy, innovation, management and much more.

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What is Executive MBA?

Generally, a 1 to 2-year program and is designed for the benefit of working professionals.

Since it is designed for working professionals the duration of the class is minimum such that it would not affect their profession.

The classes happen in the evening or weekends and an average of 6-10 hours of the class should be attended.

An Executive Master in Business Administration programs usually place a great deal of emphasis on teamwork, you'll usually expect to work closely with the same students for the duration of the program.

Candidates of EMBA

Usually done by people who are in the midstage of their career who wants to take up a new role, increase their career option, or those who want to increase their skills and brush up their knowledge.

Candidates who are applying for this usually have more than 10-15 years of experience in their field.

It is a program that emphasis more on networking so that they can learn from the experience of each other.

Difference between MBA and EMBA





MBA is a master degree course usually pursued to develop a complete understanding of business and management.

EMBA is a post-graduate program for the working professionals, i.e. executives, managers, leaders and other professionals.


Theoretical and Practical







Comparatively short


Regular classes throughout the academic year.

Evenings and Weekends only



Comparatively Low

Eligibility for admission

Graduation plus minimum required cutoff marks.

Graduation plus minimum work experience.

Appropriate for

Students who want to pursue master's degree in business management, in order to get a better job.

Experienced persons who want to enhance their skills and get a boost in their career. 


Choosing an EMBA

Choosing an EMBA  program is a crucial decision and may not be taken lightly.

You need to search out a program that's accredited and offers smart academic opportunities.

Finding an EMBA program that's comparatively close by may also be necessary if you plan to still work whereas earning your degree.

There are some colleges that provide online opportunities. This might prove to be a decent possibility if they're properly accredited and meet your academic needs and career goals.

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Colleges offering Executive MBA

Colorado State University

Regent University

Elizabethtown College

University of Nevada

James Madison University

Washington State University


It is a program that would provide you great flexibility, as you can learn while working, thus it will impact you with skills due to which you can accept more responsibility or even pursue promotion opportunities. Thus Executive MBA is perfect for working professionals.