What kind of Job can I get with a Sports Medicine Degree

The most widely recognized titles in the field of sports medicine incorporate sports medicine doctor, athletic mentor, practice physiologist, kinesiotherapist and physical advisor.

Updated by Kunal Mishra on 12th June 2018

Basic of sports medicine degree

The industry refers to healthcare and similar services in the field of sports, exercise, and physical recreational activities.

The games industry is firmly identified with exercise physiology as well as human kinetics.

In this area, an individual will be dealing with medical and scientific knowledge by identifying, assisting, and preventing injuries.

Information about sports medicine degree

This field offers a wide range of opportunities for the students who want to opt for a career in this area.

There are some educational programs similar to sports medicine and they are known as exercise science and athletic training.

An individual can get this program online or partial online as well as on campus.

Types of degrees in sports medicine

  • Master’s degreeMaster degrees are important for many sports drug vocations. The degree is ordinarily offered as a Master of Science and takes two years to finish. A few projects enable students to choose specialties within the sports medicine field, Example, strength molding, and athletic preparing. 

  • Doctoral degree -Students can pursue doctoral program if they are interested in doing research and teaching students at university level. The educational modules are frequently centered on research, and students have to pick an area of sports medicine in which to specialize, The program more often than not takes four years of full-time concentrate to finish.

  • Bachelor’s degree  Students who acquire a bachelor degree in sports medicine can plan for a few sorts of vocation in associated healthcare. Graduates give direction, deterrent care and recovery administrations to physically dynamic people. Some private and state-funded colleges and universities offer four-year college educations in sports drug or related subjects, Example, practice science or athletic preparing.

Jobs in sports medicine degree

  • Biomechanist - Biomechanists look into how physical movement and game are influenced by physics, and how the diverse frameworks of the body, for example, the muscles and bones, are harmed or can be improved.

  • Athletic trainer - Athletic mentors avoid and treat sports wounds by working with competitors, mentors, physical advisors, and specialists.

  • Team doctor - Team doctors may work for colleges and amateur sports teams, but they typically work with professional teams.

  • Kinesiotherapists - Kinesiotherapists likewise centers around the medical advantages of activity. They create and administer practice projects to enable individuals to recapture their quality and versatility following damage or ailment. They create restorative exercise designs, including oceanic exercise, and help individuals re-figure out how to walk or utilize a prosthetic appendage.

  • College coach - As a college mentor, you supervise hones, create diversion procedures and oversee lists. Mentors, for the most part, require playing knowledge in the game they wish to mentor, and some college mentors require accreditation.

Employment outlook

According to ExploreHealthCareers.org, the field of sports medicine is booming, with one of the fastest rates of growth of any healthcare field.

Sports medicine doctors, trainers, and other professionals treat both athletes and non-athletes, which expands the scope of their practices and the number of people they serve.

From the U.S. Division of Labor, extends a rate of development or 20% or higher in the vicinity of 2008 and 2018 for the occupations of a sports medicine doctor, athletic coach and physical specialist, which is altogether speedier than the development rate of most occupations during that period.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipated employment development between 2014 and 2024 would be 14% for all doctors and specialists, which incorporates sports pharmaceutical specialists, 21% for athletic mentors, and 34% for physical advisors.


While there are numerous vocation ways inside games pharmaceutical, most experts in the business will manage the counteractive action and treatment of games wounds.

The field, all in all, can hope to see better than expected occupation development throughout the following decade, with physical advisor work development at the highest point of the pack.

A four- year certification is required as a base for passage into this field, however, hopefuls may require as much as a doctorate, contingent upon their proposed vocation way.