Here at The College Monk, our religion is student success, and our savior is college scholarships.

Being a student isn’t easy. Between studying for finals, deciding on a career path, applying to college, and saving for pricey tuition fees — students have a lot going on.

Our Mission

We aim to support students through the stressful aspects of college and help them achieve their educational goals.

We fulfill our mission by providing students with:

  • Access to a regularly updated college scholarship database and student loan information
  • Information about the ever-growing number of online college programs
  • Detailed information about US college rankings and their programs to help students decide where to apply
  • Guides on educational and career paths
  • Content about college lifestyle and tips for success

College Rankings

Popular and expert opinions about individual colleges change every year. That’s why we compile the results of regular research to inform students where each college and university stands in the public and expert eye.

We provide updated stats about rankings, reviews, tuition costs, and lifestyle information for every college in the US.

Scholarships and Student Loans

One of the most stressful parts of college is tuition. A full-time high school student is hard-pressed to find time to work and save tens of thousands of dollars for their college education.

Luckily, scholarships and student loans exist — but where are they hiding? We regularly conduct extensive research across innumerable university and organization platforms to compile an up-to-date list of scholarships that students can apply to — all on our Scholarship Database. We also provide information on student loans, from different types to how to apply for each one.

Career Paths

It’s hard to decide on an educational path that will inform your career. We know there are many career paths out there, so we try to help students evaluate their strengths, needs, and passions to pursue a career path that fits their personalities and goals. From how to become a pilot to salary information for nurses, we provide regular content about the many career paths a student can pursue with their college education.

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