Scholarships are the financial support given to a student based on academic achievement or other criteria and not based on the financial need. The basic idea of the scholarship is that it is the money given to you by somebody for paying the tuition and fees in college or university. The scholarships maybe for a short period or the entire course. The U.S. Department of Education's National Centre for Education Statistics conducted the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS) to learn the different aids students and families seek to pay for postsecondary education.

  • There are over 2,600,500 eligible students seeking scholarships worth $50 billion who are enrolled at degree colleges and universities in full-time educational programs.

  • Around 31% of the scholarships were granted by state or local scholarships, 36% of the students received scholarships from civic and private organizations and groups. The majority of 48% of students were provided financial aid by the federal scholarships.

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Are you passionate about sports?

Are you the one who spends an average of 30-35 hours a week on sports?

Check out these athletic scholarships to help you achieve your dreams if you are into playing any games in high school, or intend to do so at your dream school. Most of the students-athletes receive these scholarships.

Be one of them by applying to the one you are eligible for.





‘Attention’ all the graduates out there, Do you want your education to keep going on?

Well, here’s the great news, there are several opportunities for students who want to continue their education through various scholarship programs.

With minimum financial burden, these scholarships can complete your education.

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Have you decided what to study yet? Know where you want to get in?

If yes, then it’s the perfect time to begin your search for scholarships, which helps you pay your college fee with no burden on you. There’s a great chance to win more money with an early start.

To all the ‘High School Students’, you have hundreds of scholarships over here right from junior to senior.





An academic ‘Major’ is the academic discipline that a graduate student is formally committed to. So, students have you decided what to study? What’s going to be your major?

If yes, then that’s great, because there are hundreds of scholarships available only for your major. There's an individual scholarship for each major you choose.

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Do you excel in your academic grades?

If so, then there’s a piece of great news for you, there are merit scholarships for all students who demonstrate excellence in their academics.

If you have worked hard to get these grads then for sure your hard work will be noticed and rewarded through these scholarships.

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Out of all the US college populations, a large percentage of students are minority students from different cultures and races, including African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic and Hispanics, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and many others.

For any minority student who is looking out for necessary financial assistance to pay for college, this is a great opportunity.





No matter where you stay, are what you are pursuing. You will get money to pay for your college without any burden.

Yeah, that’s right!!!

There are many scholarships that you can avail based on the locations. You can make use of this opportunity and get funding for your education. 

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In a society, how do you identify yourself?

Are you a single mom or dad? Are you part of some important legacies? Are you a left-hander? Are you a victim of different effects caused by the 9/11 incident? Do you have any unusual interests and talents?

There are many organizations that are offering scholarships for you to support your education without any burden.

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Scholarships are not only for high school students. Students of all age groups can receive the monetary benefits that need not be repaid throughout their education career.

You can even apply for scholarships while you are pursuing your graduation. It is recommended that you keep looking for financial assistance every academic year, because this may add a dollar to your education savings.

There are many scholarships available, check them and apply now!