Best Online Colleges in Delaware

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Online Colleges in Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest and one of the most densely populated states in the United States. It has a diversity of programs and degrees available. There are only about 8 public and private colleges and universities.

Delaware also has the facility where the Delaware Department of Education has authorized a number of other colleges and universities outside the state to grant degrees in the state. Students joining the best online colleges in Delaware are increasing in count as the diversity in bachelors, masters and other programs are increasing. Apart from these, there are certification programs offered by the universities and colleges.   

There are about 9 institutions which are approved by the Department of Education for online programs, among which the University of Delaware and Wilmington University are leading for online education in the state. These universities offer around 30 courses which are available online. There are 5 public schools, 2 private-for-profits, and 5 private-not-for-profits. The total number of student enrollment in the state was 61,139 in 2016 and the total number of degrees awarded between 2015-2016 was 2,059 Associate's Degrees, 6,988 Bachelor's Degrees, 3,903 Master's Degrees and 418 Doctorate Degrees, according to the National Center for Education and Statistics. 

There are many financial aids available for the students who pursue online education. The rate of students graduating from undergraduate and post-graduate courses have increased after enrolling in an online education course.

The universities in Delaware make sure that they provide the best online education for their students. They provide on-demand concept videos which you can access on your phone, tablet or computer. They also provide real-life case studies and assignments to make the session and concept more easy and interactive.

University of Delaware (UD)

University of Delaware (UD)

Newark, Delaware

Institution Type: Public

Percent of Federal, State or Institutional Aid: 76%

Average Financial Aid: $ 9,242

Total Programs Offered (18)


Health Science Programs


Education Programs


Public Administration Programs


Other Programs

Wilmington University

Wilmington University

New Castle, Delaware

Institution Type: Private Not-For-Profit

Percent of Federal, State or Institutional Aid: 58%

Average Financial Aid: $ 2,757

Total Programs Offered (132)


Business Management Programs


Education Programs


Nursing Programs


Other Programs

Dawn Career Institute (DCI)

Dawn Career Institute (DCI)

Wilmington, Delaware

Institution Type: Private For-Profit

Percent of Federal, State or Institutional Aid: 82%

Average Financial Aid: $ 4,692

Total Programs Offered (1)


Health Science Program