Best Online Colleges in Wyoming

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Online Colleges in Wyoming

Wyoming is considered to be an open space state, where universities are miles away for reach for many students and hence, the online education system plays a major role here and offers students with a diverse range of programs and courses, reducing the distance between you and knowledge.

There is a total number of 11 universities/colleges present in the state, which is divided into 8 public institutions as well as 3 private for-profit colleges. The total number of enrollment in 2016 was 33,365 and the number of degrees awarded in 2015-2016 was 2,770 Associate's Degrees, 2,164 Bachelor's Degrees, 425 Master's Degrees and 216 Doctoral Degrees, according to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

In the aim of providing the best online colleges in Wyoming, it participates in Western Undergraduate Exchange program, in which several colleges and schools in the state have reduced tuition fees for you if you are a resident of another western state. You can also apply for financial aids and scholarships from different organizations and the government. Some scholarships include Federal Scholarships, State Scholarships, and Institutional Scholarship programs.

The state provides with a high range of learning resources and one of the best quality of online college degrees and certificate programs to choose from, but the number of colleges that offer E-learning programs is relatively low.

University of Wyoming (UW)

University of Wyoming (UW)

Laramie, Wyoming

Institution Type: Public

Percent of Federal, State or Institutional Aid: 89%

Average Financial Aid: $ 7,704

Total Programs Offered (60)


Education Programs


Nursing Programs


Psychology Programs


Other Programs

Casper College

Casper College

Casper, Wyoming

Institution Type: Public

Percent of Federal, State or Institutional Aid: 85%

Average Financial Aid: $ 4,497

Total Programs Offered (85)


Business Management Programs


Health Science Programs


Human Services Programs


Other Programs

Institution Type: Public

Percent of Federal, State or Institutional Aid: 78%

Average Financial Aid: $ 4,743

Total Programs Offered (89)


Engineering Programs


Biomedical Science Programs


Animal Science Programs


Other Programs