10 Online Colleges for Senior Citizens to kickstart your career

Learning new things in any age is appreciated. There are many retired seniors who wants to complete their degree online after working for decades which is great. So let us know more about online colleges that helps senior citizens earn a degree.

TCM Staff

15th June 2020

After working for decades, few retired senior citizens would want to enjoy their retirement phase with their loved ones while others want to earn a degree or finish the incomplete degree in the available time.

Though there are many traditional schools offering education, online colleges are something that would be even easier for them to cope up with courses. We will now know more about the concept of online colleges that helps them to earn a degree.

What is Online College and How does it Work?

It is exactly like a normal college but there will be no direct interactions between a professor and a student. This system makes use of every learning technology like canvas, board which helps students to understand the subjects. It includes course materials in the form of videos, online study materials, discussions, and photos. 

The main source of communication between teachers and students will be with the help of the internet, after all, it is the age of the internet. There is nothing unavailable in it. Online classes are either like everybody meets at the same time or like the students can read them in their own time. Most of the online colleges upload quick lessons on how courses are reached to help new students adjust. One should be kept updated about any form of study material uploaded. 

Why interested in getting an online degree when you are retired?

Learning new things at any age is appreciated. Online programs are easily accessible and there is no need for transporting from different places to do your unfulfilled wish which is getting a degree or completing the course you left long ago. You can get your graduation done from other cities as well. You will have the benefit of knowing new technologies and others when you communicate with youngsters via group discussion which will be done online using various applications. 

Benefits of pursuing in online colleges

  • The courses are easy when compared. 

  • Compared to normal colleges, this is more cost-effective.

  • You can take this class in the place you are comfortable in.

  • Flexible timings.

What is required to take an online course?

  • Access to a computer or laptop.

  • Internet connection is important to take online classes. Many of you might be thinking it is expensive assuming it requires a high-speed internet connection but no, most of the colleges recommend you to use a minimum speed internet connection. 

How to choose an online college?

It is important for students to make the right decision on which online college to register. Here are a few points to consider before choosing:

  • Make sure that the college is accredited ie accepted by the state or province you belong to.  

  • Flexibility is one of the primary benefits of online colleges. It should be like you can take classes when you can or at a set time.

  • Program diversity, they should allow you to take a variety of topics to switch majors based on your interests.

  • Online courses may vary upon different programs, it is better to take advice from enrollment officer regarding the resources to be provided.

  • Since you are learning online, it is necessary to have easy access to student support to clear all your doubts regarding the course.

Can a senior citizen go to college for free?

Since many seniors are opting for online courses, the number of colleges offering the course for a discount amount or even free is increasing every year. There are colleges in all the 50 states which is providing online courses for free or less to them.

Eligibility Requirements

It can be a tricky task to find online colleges for senior students as the eligibility criteria vary for different institutions. There are many colleges that have kept an age limit of 60 and a few of 55 years. Also, there are institutions asking for social security income. You will have to be a citizen of the United States.

What are the special aids available for senior citizens?

There are a variety of discounts provided to seniors from the state and also from specific colleges. This program is referred to as “Encore Programs” and it is not much used as it is a program of which many students are not aware of. 

Few Colleges that offer online courses for senior citizens

  • University of Washington

  • University of Minnesota

  • New York University

  • Pace University

  • University of West Florida

  • Mississipi University

  • Grand Rapids Community College

  • Methodist University

  • Rio Salado College

  • Austin Community College

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