Test Taking Strategies

Test is definitely something that creates pressure in every student's mind. In this article, find the test taking strategies that you would have to follow.

TCM Staff

21st March 2020

You will have to follow a set of plans or strategies in order to successfully finish the test and be able to score better than the previous one. Tests have always been a pressure creating things when it comes to any student life. In this article, we'll help you understand the strategies to take any test.

We would be breaking it down for you in different steps that are as follows.

Preparation is the key to success

Guys, trust us, there is no better strategy other than being prepared for the test. Having fun for the entire year and finally wanting to score well in the exam is not a good idea and is not possible.

Last-minute preparation is all good to some extent, but you will end up messing it most of the time. Spending at least 1 to 2 hours every day on studies will help you cover the whole syllabus with zero hassle. Work on the necessary material that will be covered on the test well enough to achieve a high score. 

There are high chances of your teachers modifying the details on tests to examine if you have a good understanding of concepts. So, it's also important to concentrate in class and filling the paper with whatever you learned. It is also very important to be a good listener, it will not only help in the scoring but also will lead to a bright future. 

Make use of the available resources

There are plenty of resources such as the library, study materials, the content available online, and more. The more you know about the test and subject, the more efficiently you approach it. Make the most of the advice and materials that can help you achieve success. Online stuff that is reliable is the best source of information you can get and that too for free of cost.

Be early to the test

People usually say “be on time” but we are here we say "be early".

You never know what happens when. You might need some stationery or even want to revise the topics you have studied. Also, you will have enough time to relax which helps you boost your confidence. You will be able to narrow your focus for the upcoming test.

A few people suggest that it is better to arrive on time to avoid a student who asks questions right before a test, but no, that actually helps you. We believe there is more to be gained by arriving a little early.

Pay attention to the instruction

There are something that you'll have to listen very carefully as it is something that explains you how the tests need to be taken. Any adjustments to be done will be announced by the instructor. Pay more attention to them. You may end up in anxiety if you don’t listen. Also, do not hesitate to ask them for repeating the announcement if you are late.

Be informed about the test direction and rules

Directions are the valuable information given to you in order to follow during the test and you must follow it or else you might end up with a less score than you expected. Read all the conditions clearly so that you understand what is being asked. Especially, when you are answering multiple-choice questions.

Positive Attitude is the Way

You do not have to panic if you do not know an answer. “Staying calm”, “Never lose hope”, “Being self-motivated”- these are the super mantras. If you can’t remember the answer for 1st question, it is okay, jump to the next question, we are sure you will find a word or a sentence that will help answer the first one.

It is more evident in the case of multiple-choice questions. You might have chosen b and the answer might be the correct, you never know. Learn from your mistakes guys, study everything for the next test.  Time management 

It is something that every student should concentrate more on. There are many examples in which you will end up not answering 1 or 2 questions since you were answering the busy one. We would suggest you take the first 5 minutes of the test to review the questions and allot a certain amount of time for each question from which you will be able to score full marks. Also, it is better to complete the easy ones first and then complex ones instead of directly jumping onto difficult questions. There are chances you get panic when you get stuck in a difficult question. So the method we suggested will help you gain self-confidence.

Try to Answer all the Questionnaire

It does not matter if the answer is right or not, sometimes it is important to answer all the questions. If you have enough time to answer all the problems, please do it with conviction. It shows your efforts. Many of your professors will give prejudiced credit for partly completed questions or if you are able to show your work. For certain tests, your problem-solving skills or analytical skills matter the most. For this type of aptitude questions, it shows your analyzing capability. Go with your instinct

Usually, the first answer that comes to your mind will be correct. Do not change unless you are 100% sure about it. Also, don’t listen to your pals, they might be wrong. Just choose the answer which you think is right. 

Search for indications

If any two answers are alike, they are usually not the right answer.

Pay attention to analytical matching between the questions that are asked and answers. If an answer appears to be right but doesn't match grammatically with the question, it presumably isn't the correct answer.

Watch for signs from other questions

Make some time to recheck your answers 

Go back and try to answer difficult questions after answering easy ones. Yes, we told you to attempt all the questions but also try to allow 5 to 10 minutes in the end while doing time management in your mind. Check for grammar, spellings and if you have missed out something so that you can fill it then and there. Before checking your answer sheet, check your questionnaire, there are high chances you have missed out a question or so.


We agree every test is an important criterion to know your capability but it is not the only purpose of the test. It is also to analyze your performance and know how to  improve your skills and studying ability. It takes time and practice to develop effective test-taking skills. It is better to take some amount of time to examine your performance and know where you are lacking behind. Do not hesitate to meet your teachers and approach them to help you improve your test scores. 

If you don’t succeed in the present test, it is fine, it is not the end of the world. There is still more time to work on your skills and academics and come back with an improvised version and crack the test.

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