About the Scholarship

The Amarillo Handgunners Association - The Bill Goodson Memorial Scholarship The scholarship was established by Amarillo Handgunners Club, Inc. in the year 1987. The award is given to the different areas of study of colleges/universities. The scholarship is helping the student financially, who shows excellent performance in shooting sports. 

 How to Apply for Scholarship?

  • An applicant needs to submit proof of U.S citizenship. It must include a copy of a birth certificate and a legal permanent residency status.

  • A high school student must submit official transcripts of the 7th-semester, which contains grade points. A college student must submit official transcripts about their recently completed college courses.

  • A student must submit official ACT/SAT grade cards.

  • An applicant must submit IRS tax or Student Aid Report to demonstrate the financial need.

  • A student must submit two letters of recommendation. One letter should be from the teacher/instructor and another letter should be from a coach or employer.

What is the Total Amount Awarded?

The scholarship provides $500 to one student per year, and the awards are non-renewable.

The scholarship application deadline is February 8th. The students need to submit all the necessary documents for a scholarship before the deadline is fixed

Eligibility Criteria

  • An Applicant must be an American citizen, residing in one of the 26 northernmost counties of the Texas Panhandle.

  • A Student should be graduating senior engaged in or sincerely interested in a shooting sport or activity.

  • A recipient should have minimum 2.0 GPA while attending college/university.

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