About the Scholarship

ASU - Regents High Honors Endorsement Scholarship (RHHE) is accredited by Arizona State University. Arizona State University faculty and its students work together with NASA to develop, advance, and lead development in space investigation. ASU aims at helping many undergraduates in pursuing their education to those who are academically qualified than ever. RHEE scholarship grant was set up by the Arizona Board of Regents to perceive Arizona secondary school undergraduates for outstanding academic achievement as exhibited through secondary school courses and test scores. It is generally known as the "RHEE" scholarship.

How to apply for ASU - Regents High Honors Endorsement Scholarship (RHHE)?

  • All the students applying for this scholarship grant must have been completed their FAFSA application to be able to receive this grant.

  • Candidates must submit a $50 application fee for the application process.

  • Students must submit their current official transcript and must have maintained their ACT/SAT scorecards up to the reach.


ASU - Regents High Honors Endorsement Scholarship (RHHE) amounts to?

  • This scholarship provides approximately $2539 which is 25% of ASU resident tuition.

  • The scholarships are renewable for up to 3 additional years based on students maintaining their minimum GPA.

  • The total number of awards offered by this scholarship varies annually and is dependent on funding and the number of qualified applicants.


Deadline information


The applications are to be submitted by the end of January 15, 2020. Students are informed to submit their application and other required application form before the due date to meet the eligibility criteria.

Applications and other information relating to the scholarship programs and college premises are available on the Arizona State University website.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should have a minimum of 3.5 Gpa.

  • ASU is committed to helping a greater number of academically qualified students graduate than ever.

  • Applicants are selected for more than one institutional merit-based scholarship they will receive the scholarship of greater value.

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