About the Scholarship

Bernice Murray Scholarship was founded by U.S. Senator James Jeffords. This scholarship was established to giving honor her of great contribution to improving the lives of Vermonters.  Students who want to apply for this scholarship, students must have attended an accredited postsecondary school.

The selection process will be done based on the different criteria -

  • Candidate must show their financial need and based on the financial need institute will decide who is eligible or not.

  • The student also submit a recommendation letter

  • Students evaluated based on the essays as well as an interview.

The number of application is not fixed it will vary each year, depends on the availability of fund. Approximately they received 18 applications for each year. The application will be available from the VSAC website, students can apply by online as well as through paper. This scholarship provides application from November 1st.
Bernice Murray Scholarship PROVIDE $ 2,000 which is split to all the recipients, the main aim of providing this amount to support child care expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Vermont resident.

  • The applicant should be a single parent with primary custody of at least one 12-year-old child or younger.

  • The applicant must be attending an accredited school approved for federal Title IV funding.

  • The applicant must demonstrate financial need.

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