About the Scholarship

Colby College Ralph J. Bunche Scholarship is accredited by Colby College. Established in 1813, Colby is the 12th-oldest private liberal arts college in the country. Cocurricular and campus life programs optimize learning opportunities and help students develop leadership and communication skills. In 1979, Colby College established the Ralph J. Bunche Scholarship program to recognize students who demonstrate scholastic strength and leadership potential and who are African American, Latino/Latina, Asian American, or Native American. 

Basic requirements required for this scholarship

  •  The first and most important step to applying scholarships and other grants is filling Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

  • A Common Application must be completed by all students who are applying for admission.


Colby College Ralph J. Bunche Scholarship amounts to

  • The scholarships provides $200 to $10000 annually determined based on the students financial needs and is renewable for upto 3 additional years.

  • The scholarship provides a one time $3000 stipend to every students.

  • The number of awards varies annually based on the students eligibility, but not more than 35 awards are issued annualy.

Deadline information

The students must submit their applications by the end of January 01, 2020.

The applications are available on the official website of Colby college, for further enquires students can contact the university

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a U.S citizen or a permanent resident.

  • Students must attend to college or University of Maine.

  • The scholarships are mostly given importance to African American, Latino/Latina, Asian American, or Native American.

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