About the Scholarship

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship is a need-based scholarship program established by the Idaho Legislature along with Governor Butcher to overcome the financial hurdles faced by Idaho students while pursuing higher education.

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship aims to help the students enroll in Idaho based postsecondary schools by catering the financial requirements to sustain and continue their degree. It opens a doorway for Idaho people to realize their dream of completing their postsecondary education and hence leads to a quality life.

The economic state of the student is calculated based on FAFSA regulations using EFC measure mentioned in the FAFSA Student Aid Report [SAR]

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship Awards

  • The award amounts to a maximum of $3500 annually which can be renewed by the candidate till the fourth year of the degree program.

  • To maintain the scholarship, the student needs to maintain on par academic performance (2.7 GPA) up to the final academic year. Priority for funding is more for renewal students.

  • A total of 1500 awards are given every year to the eligible students.

  • 70% of financial eligibility criteria and 30% of academic eligibility criteria are used to select the students for scholarship awards.

  • If there is a situation of a tie, then the student whose application was received first will be given preference. 

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship Application 

The application is available on the official website of Idaho State Board of Education.

In addition, to file the application for Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, the student must fill FAFSA form online before the deadline. FAFSA form is available at the federal website, and high school and college financial aid offices.

Application Deadline

The entry period for the application is still March 1, 2020. All the eligible candidates must file their application before the deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student should have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above.

  • The applicant must be an Idaho resident.

  • The student must be a graduate from an Idaho public school or its equivalent.

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