About the Scholarship

Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation, Inc. is funding the James McFadden Scholarship to help and support the citizens of the U.S.A to assist them economically. The financial assistance helps the U.S people to achieve their academic study as well as career goals. Applicants who are the member of Alpha Cho Rho are able to access this opportunity.

How to apply for this scholarship?

  • Applicants can get the scholarship application form on the Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation, Inc website.

  • A student must submit the Official scorecards of ACT/SAT to demonstrate the completion of the graduation semester as well as their exceptional academic performance.

  • A student must also submit the letter of reference from a faculty member, administrator, advisor or employer.

  • In addition to that, a candidate must write a one-page essay on a subject of their choice. But it is important that a essay contains information about themselves, a student's career goals, or experiences.

  • The transcript and reference letter may be sent by the college and reference person directly to the financial aid division of Alpha Chi Rho.

Award Amount and Deadline:

The Organization is funding $2,000 to one eligible graduate junior and senior. And it is non-renewable.

The scholarship deadline date is fixed on April 1st, 2020. Hence all the applicants must submit the necessary official documents no later than the given deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A student must be a college sophomore, junior, or senior to apply for this award.

  • Must be a male and full-time student.

  • An applicant must be a member of Alpha Chi Rho.

  • The award is awarded for both international and U.S. students.

  • A student must be an Alpha Chi Rho junior or senior in order to receive this award.

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