About the Scholarship

This scholarship is established in 2004 for brilliant students in math and science by Crapo. This award is to encourage Idaho's best students to seek math, science and other technical education at Idaho's universities.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Students who want to apply for this scholarship can go to the scholarship section of the ICF Web site at www.idcomfdn.org and can apply.

The applicant has to submit his/her FAFSA card.

The applicant can have to submit his/her recommendation letter.

The applicant have to submit his/her academic scorecard.

Award amount of the Scholarship:

The award amount of this scholarship is varied depends on how many students meet the eligibility and the funded amount.

Deadline for the scholarship:

The deadline for this scholarship varies throughout the year.

Applicants can go and check in their official website to know more about this scholarship and deadline aswell.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An applicant must be a resident of Idaho majoring in the field of math or science.

  • A student must be enrolled as a full-time student at the freshman level.

  • A student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 out of 4 to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • The scholarship is awarded mainly on the basis of a student's desire for higher education.

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