About the Scholarship

National Society of High School Scholars Foundation is the institution offering this scholarship opportunity. The scholarship program is designed to address and help decrease financial barriers faced by most of the high school seniors who are really interested in undertaking various majors of STEM  like Technology, Engineering, Science and Maths. The scholarships are created for freshmen students entering college and mainly should belong to the underrepresented groups in STEM careers. The scholarships are only to be used for student's 1st year's college expenses. 

Way to apply:

  • Applications can be accessed online from the National Society of High School Scholars Foundation website.

  • Teacher's letter of recommendation.

  • Official transcripts.

  • Personal statement

  • Photograph

  • 500-word essay

Amount offered:

The amount offered is $1000 annually, which is non-renewable. The number of scholarships differs year to year, last year it's 9.

Deadline details:

The deadline is October 15th, students must submit all related documents by the end of the deadline.



Eligibility Criteria

Must be graduating from public high school or a high school senior.

Only open for members in the underrepresented group of STEM careers.

Candidates are supposed to be doing any course in STEM or any closely related degree to STEM

Average grade point should be higher than 3.5

Only U.S citizens are eligible.


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