About the Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by the University of North Florida. The scholarship candidates are chosen by a selection committee. The recipients will be acknowledged at a reception in the fall.

How to apply for the scholarship?

  • The applicant should complete the application which can be found on the University of North Florida College of Education and Human Services site.

  • Along with the application, the applicant must also submit an essay describing how he/she will benefit from the scholarship and a description of his/her involvement in UNF athletics, two recommendation letters, a resume that includes educational qualification, work experience (including teaching experience) and leadership positions, and FAFSA.

How much the scholarship award amounts to?

  • The award amounts to $1,200 per year.

  • One award is offered per year.

Deadline Information

The deadline date is set for February 14, 2020

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should have a minimum of 3 GPA out of 4 to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • The applicant must be enrolled as an undergraduate junior or senior in the College of Education and Human Services at the time of the award.

  • An applicant must have a major in an area that leads to the Florida teacher certification, with more preference given to UNF student-athletes.

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