About the Scholarship

This award is given by the organization Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The applicant and their family can choose from many different types of financial aid. Some are based on financial need, and some on academic performance. Others are tied to a student's or family's ability to borrow. Not all colleges and universities participate in all programs. The waiver is effective for as long as the faculty remains employed in an eligible capacity.

How to apply for the Scholarship?

The applicant has to fill the form or apply for this scholarship online on the official website.

The applicant has to submit his/her FAFSA or TASFA certificate.

The applicant has to submit his/her recommendation letter,

The applicant has to produce his/her scorecard of CAT/SAT.

The student eligibility for a waiver must be established prior to or at the time of enrollment

Award amount for the scholarship:

The award amount for this scholarship is $48,00 and the number of awards varies annually.

Deadline for the scholarship:

The deadline for this scholarship is 1st of March and the candidate can know more about this scholarship's deadline on its official website.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A student applying for the scholarship must be from Texas Public colleges or universities.

  • An applicant must be a treacher or their dependents to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • This is the award for the residents of the US buy it is not mandatory to be a resident of Texas.

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