Commerce Bank Review

Learn about commerce bank,its features, task cultures, pros and cons. Know how to open an account, their branch locations and more.

Updated by Nchumbeni Y on 13th February 2020

A commerce bank is a type of banking service which offers financial business, personal banking, private loans with good options, estate plannings, investments, mortgages, students loans, student loans without a cosigner, checking wealth management and security, and more. 

It has been serving for 150 years, a commerce bank ensures that all the customer needs are made according to their convenience and affordable way with their latest policies and facilities.It also provides e-commerce banking, which improves the payment management systems, trading, negotiation systems, debt-paying systems, student loans payment systems,etc of a bank.

Therefore, with these improved services, customers and consumers will benefit good relationship with the bank.


Introduction about Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank offers private student loans. Commerce bank is defined as a type of bank that provides the latest services, such as accepting deposits and funds, making loan payments in business, offering necessary investments for products that are operated for business income increase.

Commerce banks are a good source of business profit-making deals.

Commerce Bank initiated as communities, is a friendly, strong bank that supports personal, business and community growth with 150 years of bank investment in the community, and is still boarding as one of the top preference.

Bloomington, Illinois, Denver, Colorado are some of the main locations. It also comprises 184 branches in between serving individuals, families, businesses, and communities in a most appropriate servicing manner.

Bank relationships building trust sustained performance, a true commitment to health, Vitality, and support to the community. It is a completely diversified class of services and plans, which financial business, personal banking, wealth preservation and management, planning and investments through its best-accumulated companies, affiliated companies or organizations having good personal reviews.

Founder: Vernon Hill

Commerce Assets amount of: $ 23,584,129,000

Contact information/ Customer service: 1(855) 659 -1656

Official website:

Bank Plan Numbers:

o   $25.9 Billion in assets

o   $20.3 Billion in Deposits

o   $52.9 Billion in Total Trust Assets

o   $8.3 Billion in commercial card Volume

o   250 Billion in Thousand Mobile users

o   44TH App store Rating

o   $14.5 Billion in Total loans

Is Commerce Banking a Different Taste culture?

Banking involves massive, regulating activities in comparison to commerce banks.

For Example;

A division within a bank that handles retail customers rather than corporate customers is called retail banking.

Whereas, banking that focuses, handles on individual customers and their financial needs generates commercial banking. It does not deal with small-scale businesses or large corporations.

How to open an account with commerce bank - 

Step1- Select the top best type of accounts. Review it.

Step2- Search the correct Bank available in your areas, which can be helpful at any time.

Step3- Comparing the costs of account openings.

Step4-Collect the required documents to present it.

Step5-Open your account using the bank website (via online), or in-person (via bank).

Step6- Payment/deposits funds through your account.

Commerce Banking accounts contains

  • Commerce Bank checking account.

  • Free Online Banking and Online Bill Pay.

  • Free Mobile Banking2 and Alerts.

  • Free Visa® Debit Card.

  • Overdraft Protection options.

  • Identity Theft Services available.

A Commerce Banking Plan features

Here are the features one can expect with Commerce Bank - 

  • Repayments options without a cosigner.

  • Private Students Loans without a cosigner. Eg; You can refer student loans to Ascent, LendKey, Earnest, College Ave, etc.

  • Educational guidance.

  • Adoption guidance

  • College Saving Plans.

  • Easy Mortgage expenses.

  • Control your cash flow more specifically.

  •  Pre-tax contributions.

  •  Covered travel expenses.

  • Updating and Checking Business expenses.

  •  Requirements on your age, length of service.

  • Fingertips scanning pattern for  protecting your account.

  • Auto-debit Savings.

  • Full-time, Half-time, Less than a Half time students are available/eligible for enrollment

More benefitting features from other banking review are :

  1. No extra charges on prepayment. No origination fees.

  2. Giving Students a free Study Help.

  3. Disability and Death loan forgiveness.

  4. You may release your co-signer from the loan after you complete your studies by making certain credit requirements on time principal and interest payments.

  5. May apply for Graduated repayment Period.

  6. There is 0.25% point interest rate reduction for registering/enrolling, making payments monthly using automatic debit.

  7. A student can borrow 100% of the institution/school certified cost of attendance.

  8. Includes student repayments plan periods options such as 5-15 years of principal and interest payments.

  9. Filling the gap between Federal loans and educational loan expenses at competitive rates as;

  • Variable rates: 2.75% APR - 10.65%APR

  • Fixed rates: 4.7% APR - 11.85% APR

Why Commerce Bank 

Some of the positive points are:

  • Possible to abduct the monthly fee on basic checking and savings accounts.

  • Cool branching system.

  • Accessible to ATM networks in areas that operate.

  • Tremendous savings features options; one can open and rename desirable accounts.

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Why Not Commerce Bank

Some of the negative points are:

  • Charges overdraft fee little extra in comparison to national banks.

  • Low costs on savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

Commerce Bank Branch Locations - 


No. of branches


Colorado 2










Your Health in Bank Health. HOW?

  • Working together to find solutions to the financial crisis with simpler, referable policies and methods.

  • Innovated in accordance with the latest changes.

  • Constantly looking to find a way to a bright future; taking smart risks.

  •  Security Overview and alerts, safe bank standards practiced. 

  • Easy money management :

  1. Free online banking.

  2. Free Bill pays.

  3. Flexible mobile banking.

  4. Transfer, texts and email alerts.

  5. Standard check.

  6. Paperless statements,

  7. Funding Plans.

  8. Instant time-saving.