Connext Student Loans

This article explains the Connext Student Loans and all its necessary details

Updated by Anuroop C on 29th January 2020

Connext student loans were later taken over by ReliaMax. ReliaMax was liquidated in the summer of 2018. All the student loans under them are now being servicer by Launch Servicing LLC. You can borrow the best student loans from other lenders.

Connext is one of the few lenders that gives student loans to undergraduate, graduate and people looking out to refinance their student loans at favorable interests. It is a platform that connects a wide range of lenders to students who want loans. Therefore there are multiple choices for the student to choose from.

The greatest advantage of Connext is that they reduce a 0.25 interest rate for borrowers that make automated in-school payment of loans. And they charge no application fees as well as origination fees.

Terms and Conditions:

Connext offers a period of 10 and 15 year fixed rate loans for graduates and undergraduates. For refinancers, they can choose between 5 to 20-year variable rate loans and 5 to 15 years fixed-rate loans

As mentioned before, Connext offers student loans to both current student loans and people looking to refinance.

Borrowers must have a good credit score(or at least a cosigner with good credit score), though they have not mentioned any minimum credit scores on their website. Cosigner’s release can be arranged after 36 months of on-time principal and interest payments. You can read all about the co-signer release, as releasing them on time and being independent can be the best thing you do.

Minimum and maximum loan amounts are as follows:

Type of students












MBA, Law



Medical School



Interest Rates: 

Fixed-rate:6.12% to 10.76%

Variable Rate:4.82% to 10.42%

*These interest rates are ranges only and the interest rate for you may change depending on your credit score and various other factors.

If you are a college student, you can take a look at all the student loan options available. If you are looking at managing your loans, you can consider refinancing your loans. Proper research is a must for making any financial decisions. Choose from the best companies that refinance your student loans.