Credible Refinancing and Consolidation Review

This is the review of the Refinancing of Credible.

Updated by Anuroop C on 28th February 2020

Refinancing and consolidation of student loans is a thought every student loan borrower goes through while trying to repay them. Credible is like a hub, it is a single place where you can find paths to different private lenders. Instead of approaching each private lender individually a borrower can reach up to credible. A borrower can fill out a Credible application and get prequalified rates from many student loan companies. This process makes an easy way for the borrowers to know their eligibility and interest rates at various student loan companies. 

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Basics of Refinancing and Consolidation of Your Student Loans With Credible

As mentioned before, Credible is a single platform and not an actual lender. It partners up with a number of different lenders to help borrowers find the lender that offers you the best deal.

Process: Borrowers complete one application and choose from a wide variety of lenders based on various of factors based upon their credit score, income, and other factors. This makes sure that Credible shows you the best offer for you to refinance and consolidate your student loans.

Some of the lenders that are on Credible are:

RISLA, Citizen’s Bank, Advantage Education Loans, PenFed, Brazos, EdvestinU, MEFA, and ELFI. 

However, the biggest weakness of Credible is that it misses many of the famous lenders such as the SoFi, CommonBond, LendKey and Laurel Road.

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The Credible Review for Refinancing

The greatest thing about Credible is that they give out your details to a lender that you selected. This keeps your details safe and unnecessary emails and calls from the lenders are not there.

The rates from the Credible are completely genuine and are the actual interest rates that the lender levy. NO service charges, no origination or prepayment penalties. However, there is a probability of your interest rates increasing, sometimes, usually because of the inadequate or improper filling of their application form.

However, the ease of the Credible process is its best quality. It is quick and easy and simple. 

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Searching for Lenders to Refinance and Consolidate your student loans is a painstaking task and Credible eases that process to a certain level. It is a good platform to check out different lenders that are most suited for you. And it does not affect your credit score that much as Credible does the credit check and sends it to all the lenders, which is better than your credit score being affected due to a credit check by every lender you check. If you are still looking for refinancing your student loans, find the best companies to refinance your student loan with.