Credit Union Student Choice Review

Credit Union is student loan servicer that not only provides student loans but also takes responsibility of collection of the from borrower. Learn more about student choice, private student loan choice, student choice refinance loan and also the eligibility.

Updated by Priya shah on 8th January 2020

When you are trying to fund your higher education you have various alternatives and options. Among all of the available options, federal student aid options are always considered to be the best not only for their protection policy that they provide but also for the various loan options that cover funding gaps and help to get the additional funds if it is required.

After graduation, if you are planning to refinance your student loans it can help you manage your loans better and one can also often qualify for a lower rate of interest than before. It is advised to explore all the possible options for a private student loan and student loans from the credit unions. Credit union student choice is an innovative student loan organization that offers loans truly in the best interest of students and families.

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What is a credit union?

Credit union student choice service was introduced in 2008 at the time when some country’s leading credit union decided to collaborate together and make it more efficient and smoother to search for credit union student loan solutions. Credit union has a distinct advantage due to the willingness to collaborate and pool resources.  

Credit union is considered to be one of the most consumer-friendly lenders which not only provides the loan but also focus on their customer. Credit union student choice provides an easy-to-use platform, that is worth doing a search to compare the rates and check for the offers.

The interested borrower can use the section to search for the credit union by any school name or zip code. You can select the loan type that you are searching for either for graduate or undergraduate students there will be a list of different credit unions offering the same type of financing.

Credit union is the loan servicer that takes the responsibility of providing the loan and collection of the loan from the borrower. It allows you to compare student loan options and also help you select the right loan from Credit union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution that exists to serve the needs of the financial of the member-owners.

What is student choice?

Student choice was born with the mission, where hundreds of credit unions have partnered to offer innovative private student lending programs that wisely focus on the people before profits. 

Student choice loans are offered through participating credit unions across the country and approve great rates, good credit structure, and most flexible repayment terms. As loan varies from lender to lender.

What does credit union student choice do?

Credit union student choice allows you to compare the student loan options and apply for the suitable one by the website If a borrower is in search of the loan they can use the platform to search for a credit union by school name or zip code of the place. The servicer provides loans for both graduate students as well as undergraduate students.

Credit union is a loan servicer for graduate students and undergraduate students. So borrowing from a credit union has many differences from any online lender or any banks. Credit unions are member-owned and their members elect the board of directors that handle the situation.

However, credit union wants you to make members for which you need to pay a small membership fee and must qualify the criteria for the membership. Just due to the membership criteria it a bit difficult to find a credit union, but credit union student choice makes it easy so that you can fill your information in order to join and avail that offer the loan products you need. 

Some of the advantages of the credit union are:

  • Lower the interest rates.

  • Lower the fees, including origination fees.

  • Superior customer service.

  • Flexible loan qualifications.

Private student loan choice loans

Private student loans are a great option to help cover tuition costs or extra costs to be met which were left out after exploring your federal student loan option. Credit union student choice helps you find an affordable private student loan if you are in school earning as an undergraduate or graduate business degree. Private loans don’t have standard rates, as usually directs loans do have. The different lender has different loan terms that allow students and compare and select the best and affordable one.

Why consider a loan from student choice?

Credit union student choice has several reasons to look for a private student loan with a befitting advantage, some of them are:

  • Loans with an affordable and low rate of interest.

  • Flexible loan repayment options

  • Online application and 24/7 availability.

  • One time application is enough you don’t have to fill it every year.

Rates, terms, borrowing limits, and eligibility

As rates, terms, borrowing limits and eligibility for the private student loans vary from servicer to servicer.student choice can be a valuable resource because it allows you to compare the student loan options from one to another. But in order to be eligible, you need to meet some of the eligibility criteria, though. Like some that are must :

  • Must be a graduate or undergraduate business students

  • Also must be a citizen or permanently residing

  • Must be a student of the approved school.

  • Meet the satisfactory academic progress criteria set by the school.

  • And most important must be eligible for the membership at the chosen credit union.

  • If you can't qualify on your own you can add a cosigner that will increase the possibility of getting the loan.

Student choice refinance loan

Refinance loans are available with credit union student choice. Using your source tool you can find your lender that can help you give a new loan to repay the federal and private student loan that you have. Refinancing of the loans simplifies your loan that you have to pay once. It comparatively reduces the rate of interest, but you must identify the right lender and credit union student choice that could help make that happen.

You have many options for student loan refinancing if you want to change the loan to a new servicer or want to lower the interest that you have to pay you can consider refinancing.

 Although if you have a private loan you don’t need to worry much if you have a federal student loan, must think twice and carefully before refinancing. After you refinance the federal loan you may resolve many benefits of the federal student loan. Also, you will decrease the payment plan options, no more option for student loan deferment, and will have limited options to put loans into forbearance and pauses payments in time of financial crisis.

Am I eligible to use Credit Union Student Choice? 

You may be eligible to use the credit union student choice but only to refinance federal private and institutional student loans. Here are some of the eligibility requirements:

  • Must be U.S citizens or permanently residing in us.

  • Must be graduating from a well-known college or university approved by the government.

  • Must eligible to pass a credit check

  • Eligible to become a member of the credit union.

  • As the loan rates, repayment terms and eligibility vary from lender to lender, so one should use student choice to get the best option of the loan that is affordable.

How can I find a student choice credit union?

There are more than a hundred credit unions across the country offering student choice loan solutions. Unlike for-profit banks and lenders, the borrowing from a credit union that you are working with a local cooperative that focuses on the needs of its members, and not shareholders.