FinTech Companies who help Student Loan Borrowers

In the course of the most recent couple of years, a few FinTech (Financial Technology) organizations have begun with a plan to assist student borrowers better deal with their student loan debt. Read about the different FinTech organizations.

Updated by Namitha Antony on 10th November 2021

As indicated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan debt has now crossed the $1.2 trillion imprint– and $1 trillion of that is in federal student loans. That implies student loan debt is currently the second biggest debt classification in the U.S. behind home loans. With an administrative arrangement appearing to be far-fetched in Congress, the private segment has reacted with a bunch of organizations that mean to take care of the student loan issue. Customarily, students who take out federal loans get a one-size-fits-all loan cost that isn't attached to their future acquiring potential or the college they join in. 

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FinTech to the Rescue? 

In the course of the most recent couple of years, a few FinTech (Financial Technology) organizations have begun with a plan to assist student borrowers better deal with their student loan debt. Understanding that there is over $1 trillion in extraordinary student loans, these organizations have been trying to address all aspects of the student loan issue – from budgetary proficiency training to refinancing and consolidating loans, to instruments to assist borrowers with taking care of the loans quicker. 

While these organizations probably won't be the most ideal decision for each borrower, they do offer some intriguing points of view to assist student loan borrowers to manage their debt. 

Today, new FinTech organizations, for example, Credible, Earnest, Student Loan Hero, Sofi, and Gradible expect to help lessen credit installments with lower rates and increasingly positive result plans. By sending complex calculations to survey understudies' reliability, these new players are at last contributing lower loan fees, instructing understudies on money related proficiency, and how to effectively square away their obligation alongside interfacing understudies with graduated class financial specialists who subsidize students’ training. 

Here are a couple of developing FinTech organizations helping understudies refinancing and take care of their student credits: 

Improving Student Loan Debt Literacy 

One of the bigger holes that organizations have recognized with regards to student loan debt is that a lot of borrowers just don't have the foggiest idea of what to do. Organizations in this space are hoping to assist borrowers with beating that monetary proficiency hole. 

Student Loan Hero 

Student Loan Hero gives a stage to oversee remarkable student debt and offers a student loan calculator to look at comparable loans and investigate distinctive installment alternatives. The organization represents considerable authority in helping people discover repayment designs that fit their financial plans. Clients start by entering their extraordinary debt on the loan dashboard, positioning them by need. 

The product at that point gives Savings Plans and Repayment Options. The Savings Plans depend on a client's profile and information created from their student loans. These plans change from Direct Consolidation Loans to Bi-week after week Payments. Student Loan Hero gives the Pros and Cons to every Savings Plan, and afterward offers "Our Recommendation." The Repayment Options are separated into Lower Payments and Postpone Payments, every one of which has various techniques intended to accomplish one of the two objectives. Student Loan Hero additionally offers the Pros and Cons for the installment methodologies, yet doesn't furnish a proposal as it does with Savings Plans. Notwithstanding planning devices, Student Loan Hero additionally offers refinancing administrations through optional suppliers, for example, SoFi, Darien Rowayton Bank, and CommonBond. 

Student Loan Hero is a dynamite device for people who are making some intense memories shuffling obligation installments or are keen on finding various approaches to fit obligation installments into their month to month financial plans. The Loan Dashboard combines all loans in a single spot, similarly that Personal Capital's monetary dashboard does. The top to bottom Savings Plan and Repayment Options pages furnish clients with a playbook of different techniques to take care of their obligation without giving up in different regions of their monetary life. By spending significant time in student loan repayment while offering outsider refinancing choices, Student Loan Hero consolidates simple-to-utilize programming with monetary training. 

Helping Borrowers Pay Off Their Debt Faster

Another territory that has seen some improvement is FinTech organizations that intend to assist students with taking care of their student loans quicker. A portion of the huge banks, for example, Sallie Mae, offer their own in-house programs, yet just one organization has assumed the test of helping all borrowers pay down their loans. 


Gradible handles the student credit issue by teaching students on the best way to deal with their debt, offering elite arrangements and limits on student debt, and interfacing students with independent employments that go legitimately towards their installments while instructing them on the most proficient method to deal with their loan repayment. 

Among the organizations featured here, Gradible is the one in particular that gives a commercial center to understudies to win cash that goes legitimately towards the reimbursement of their loans. In this sense, Gradible is practically similar to an Amazon Mechanical Turk for understudies obligation. By and large, understudies gain $10 to $15 every hour, with certain assignments taking as meager as a couple of moments and others taking up to a day. Work is repaid by the trouble of the undertaking and may incorporate statistical surveying, posting on Facebook and Craigslist, or composing blog entries. Gradible works legitimately with every student credit supplier and pays the debt servicer straightforwardly to accelerate repayment. 

Understanding Refinancing and Consolidation Options

The greatest territory that has seen development lately is the student loan refinancing and loan consolidation space. Numerous FinTech organizations are hoping to make a commercial center for student loan moneylenders, which will help borrowers by having an increasingly straightforward procedure for finding the best student loan rates. 


Credible has taken an intricate, escalated, and disappointing procedure and transformed it into a 10-minute, bother free re-financing arrangement. Dependable is a commercial center that permits students to search for refinancing choices. Graduates start by entering the school they joined in, their rough yearly salary, debt balance, rate of interest, and credit score. Credible takes these sources of info and produces a rundown of serious re-financing offers from its eight accomplice organizations, including Citizens Bank, CommonBond, and CordiaGrad. 

On the off chance that you accept your acquiring potential and credit score should mean lower interest installments, Credible is the spot for you. In the event that you've moved toward renegotiating your obligation and need to analyze loan specialists, Credible permits you to do that. On the off chance that you've held off taking a gander at renegotiating choices in light of the fact that the desk work appears to be dreary or befuddling, Credible streamlines that procedure. 

CEO Stephen Dash says "We began Credible in 2012 on the grounds that we saw a chance to help improve this mind-boggling procedure and make it simple for graduates to look at their different renegotiating alternatives. With Credible, graduates get customized offers from different banks to refinance their student loans, so they can settle on an educated choice. Up until this point, the normal Credible client who has refinanced has spared over $11,000." 


While Credible is a refinancing commercial center, Earnest handles the refinancing themselves. They start by creating a credit report dependent on five qualities, utilizing prescient calculations to decide a student's reliability going ahead. As indicated by their site, customers ordinarily have a strong business history or bid for employment, investment funds, history of making installments on schedule, positive financial balance adjusts, and negligible Visa obligation. 

Earnest can offer refinancing answers for students who haven't begun working yet whose procuring potential makes them financially sound. The normal Earnest borrower is between the age of 22 and 34, as indicated by an ongoing New York Times article. Sincere's capacity to decide financial soundness from customers who haven't begun working gives them the chance to offer lower financing costs than conventional student credits, sparing clients $12,588 by and large. 

Late alumni who feel that their loan fees don't coordinate their winning potential should look at Earnest. The organization offers installment pardoning, permitting clients to skirt one installment for every year without punishment, permits clients to switch among fixed and variable rates at no expense, and consolidates federal and private loans into one simple installment. Every one of these highlights makes Earnest a captivating one-quit refinancing search for school graduates.

Achieve Lending

Achieve Lending is an online gateway that permits borrowers to think about rates on private student credits in as meager as 30 seconds. What makes Achieve Lending novel is that they require minimal individual data to give you a depiction of the credit and rate you may fit the bill for. Indeed, to get the credit you should give the entirety of your data, yet their instrument functions admirably as a preview of the market. 


LendKey is an exceptional student loan commercial center stage, in that they influence a commercial center of network moneylenders, for example, neighborhood banks and credit associations, to offer student loans. Therefore, LendKey regularly has the absolute most reduced student credit renegotiating rates accessible to borrowers hoping to renegotiate.

Interfacing Alumni with Current Students: The SoFi and CommonBond Way 

In a past Daily Capital post, we met the CEOs of CommonBond (David Klein) and SoFi (Mike Cagney) to get their considerations on the student loan emergency and how they were helping students pay down debt. At their center, the two organizations offer student loan refinancing. In any case, the manner in which they refinance is very unique. SoFi and CommonBond associate understudies with graduated class speculators to both renegotiate their training and fortify their graduated class systems. Doing so permits the graduated class to gain an arrival on their venture and encourage openings for work for understudies, improving the probability of reimbursement. 

Notwithstanding student credit renegotiating, SoFi has one of a kind professional programs for borrowers. Their Career Services branch helps students with their pursuit of employment, offers a half year of conceded installments for borrowers who are beginning a business, and concedes installments for borrowers who've as of late lost their positions. Additionally, Career Services helps them with finding new work. 

SoFi and CommonBond loan to students hoping to associate with a graduate class for help financing their instruction and hoping to extend their graduated class arrangement. Notwithstanding offering graduated class renegotiating, SoFi offers adaptable choices for obligation reimbursement. For understudies keen on expanding their system or investigating how they can begin a business while taking care of their student obligation, SoFi and CommonBond are the spots for you. 

Not A One-Size-Fits-All 

In spite of the fact that every one of these organizations has an alternate business procedure, they all go well beyond just offering student loans and refinancing. 

Credible permits students to look for customized rates. Earnest offers modified rates dependent on a student's earning potential and money related wellbeing. Student Loan Hero gives customized installment plans, credit installment instruction, and gives proposals to how people can effectively square away obligation. Gradible works legitimately with credit administrations and fills in as a commercial center that interfaces understudies with momentary openings for work. CommonBond and SoFi give venture chances to graduated class and renegotiating alternatives for understudies while utilizing graduated class systems to give professional administrations. 

By offering customized administrations notwithstanding lower financing costs than government loan bundles, these FinTech organizations are going well beyond just contributing one-size-fits-all loan fees. 

As the student loan debt emergencies keep on advancing in America, there will probably be considerably more FinTech new businesses that develop to handle this issue. For organizations whose objective it is to support borrowers, there will probably be a solid market for a considerable length of time to come.