Hospitals that pay for nursing school

This article takes about the hospitals that pay for nursing schools, detailed state wise list of those hospitals and the pros and cons of nursing school program.

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Are you a nursing student who is struggling for financial assistance to pursue your career at a nursing school?  One best option is to get a local healthcare employer (a hospital) to pay for your tuition, where many do not have to be paid back. There are many such hospitals that can assist your tuition. As a nursing student, you can make choices of managing their finance to build an effective career even when you aren't eligible for a scholarship.

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How to cover you tuition?

As a nursing student you can borrow student loans having lower rate of interest  and other various benefits. There are a number of student loans specific to nursing students. These student loans for nursing students are designed to help them not just get a loan to cover the costs but also make them more manageable.You can aid these benefits if you work for that hospital! Hence you must join a Work-Study program that fits your career paths by trying to apply for a job for that healthcare while being a student regardless of any semester.You should note that your performance plays an important role, you could get a license and you will have to work within the hospital for 1-3 years.  

State wise list of hospitals that pay for nursing schools

A Nursing student seeks for tuition assistance at an Healthcare Institution through the Work-Study programs. This benefits students to gain experience while student and a smooth transition towards professionalism. Here is a detailed list of hospitals that aids financial assistance to nursing students  according to the States which offers reimbursement programs, scholarship, and encouragement towards their career paths.


Brookwood baptist Health : Graduates are offered with a signing bonus of $8,000 and other benefits including employee discounts, continuing education,  leadership programs to help students through the five hospitals across Central Alabama .

Encompass Health: Tuition reimbursement is available to full-time and part-time employees pursuing work-study programs from an institution holding regional or national accreditation once the course is completed. They also provide web based education and in-person courses. 

East Alabama Medical Center: Offers scholarships loan assistance and tuition reimbursement up to $3000 per year to students who enter into the professional phase of their education. 

Jackson Hospital: The hospital offers tuition reimbursement of up to $8,000 and scholarship up to $1,000.

Russell Medical Center :Scholarships are available for students into accredited healthcare programs to eligible students having GPA of 3.0 or greater, tuition reimbursement and financial assistance.


Alaska Native Medical Center: Eligible students may receive up to $50,000 for the repayment of the student loans during the initial two years service commitment.


Kingman Medical Center: It offers scholarships for a full time student  of up to $1,000 and part time student of up to $750 each semester.

North Arizona Healthcare: Tuition fees of up to $5,250 per year are available for employees pursuing their degree relevant  to their work. Reimbursement for books is also provided of up to $100 per course.

Mount Graham Regional Medical Center: The hospital gives a reimbursement of $3,000 per year.

Yavapai regional Medical Center: It offers financial assistance to nursing students who are eligible through the clinical ladder.

Honor health Hospital System: Eligible students receive up to $5,250 per year to cover tuition.


Citrus valley Health Partners: Provides assistance with reimbursement of a maximum amount for a Full-time Employees of $3,000  and part-time regular employees of $1,500 per year.

Emanuel Medical Center: It offers employee assistance programs, online education programs and tuition reimbursements.

Twin Cities Community Hospitals: They award eligible students up to $500-$2,500  to student volunteers to cover tuition.

City of hope: Nursing students are offered tuition reimbursement according to their program.

Presbyterian Inter community Hospital: Volunteered students and nurses filling higher areas are reimbursed.


Craig Hospital: Nurses get benefits of continuing education and tuition assistance of upto $10,000 for loan repayment for a nursing degree program.

Centura Health: It provides opportunity to students through their career path by reimbursement based on the work status  to about $1,250 to $3,000 per year including support cost. 

UCHealth university of Colorado Hospital: Provides financial aid to students of about $4,000 per year.

HealthONE Hospitals: It helps in supporting tuition for a nursing student. 

Children's Hospital Colorado: Eligible nursing students are reimbursed by the hospital.


Saint Mary’s hospital: Students are provided with continued education assistance, additional paid time off program and tuition reimbursement.

Backus Hospital: With tuition reimbursement students are awarded with Auxiliary Merit Scholarship with a minimum pool of $10,000 to at least two eligible students.

Yale New Haven Hospital: It provides Fine-tunes benefits to its employees, loans with a cosigner, scholarship and good tuition reimbursement.


Beebe Healthcare: Work-study employees can get a reimbursement for child-care and elder-care, supporting them to up to $5,000.

Christiana Care Health System: It provides subsidized MSN programs and On-site BSN programs, Tuition assistance plan and scholarships to employees and students.

Bayhealth Hospitals: students and employees can be benefited with monetised awards and reimbursements.

District of Columbia

Howard University Hospital: Students are exposed to education and wellness programs with cost-friendly loans and reimbursement.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospitals: students are offered financial support  to obtain a degree and maintain credibility.


Nicklaus Children's Hospital: Students get the perks of the program such as tuition reimbursement, coaching programs and other opportunities.

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare: Students can apply for tuition reimbursement programs and loans with good repayment options and other medical facilities.

North Florida Regional medical Center: Provides complete reimbursement advantage for pre-approved programs and tuition discounts at West Governors University.


Piedmont Healthcare:  It gives educational support with easy internal employment opportunities for nursing students.

Archbold Medical Group: Eligible nursing students are awarded scholarships according to their program  to pursue their career path. 


St.Luke's Boise Medical center: Students get tuition reimbursement,scholarship and loans with flexible repayment plan to pursue their education.  


OSF Healthcare System: It offers Tuition reimbursement of up to $3500 per year and employment opportunity for eligible students with 32 hours per pay period.

Francisian Health: Provides education assistance programs to students with great competitive and high coverage offers .

Rush university Medical Center: Students are eligible for reimbursement facilities and full tuition coverage prepayment loan options available with a cosigner.

Sinai Health System: Students are given tuition assistance, reimbursement benefits at the nursing school.


Marion General Hospitals: Employee assistance and student assistance programs  are available, tuition reimbursement and employees are given extra shift incentive from their department.


Mercy Health Network: An employee of Mercy is eligible for these Internships such as, 

  • The Charlie and Tina Weepie Family Nursing Student Scholarship for Mount Mercy College BSN students
  • The Edith Gillespie case BSN Nursing Student Scholarship.
  • The Shellie Dochterman Memorial Scholarship for surgical technician students.
  • .The Edith Gillespie Case ADN Nursing Student Scholarship for Kirkwood Community College student
  • The Jennie E. Basile Nursing Scholarship for Mount Mercy College BSN students   

The tuition reimbursement  program offers up to $3000 per year for 1000 hours of service for an employee. 

Sioux Center Health:  Students can opt to the education assistance program offered by Sioux.

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics: UIH reimburses up to $3000 per year for education and certification.


Coffeyville Regional Medical Center:  Nursing students are offered with scholarship, tuition reimbursement of up to $3,000.    


Baptist Health Hospital: Baptist’s supports your tuition up to $3000 and scholarship program of $1500 and good repayment loan programs.

University of Kentucky Hospital and UK Children’s hospital: Full-time employees can attend free classes at the university while they work, scholarships are offered.


East Jefferson General Hospital: Students can earn up to $2,250 in yearly tuition assistance with good performance.

Ochsner Hospital Network: Eligible students can earn benefits starting from the first month of working,tuition assistance and loan consolidation.


Maine Medical Center: Full-time nursing students get tuition assistance.


Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical center: Students are given tuition reimbursement and dependent reimbursement. Employees receive reimbursement of $5,000 whereas a full time employees get 100% reimbursement. All students are eligible to participate in the college savings plan. 

CalvertHealth Medicine: Employees are given tuition assistance programs and reimbursement according to his contributions.

Carroll Hospital: It provides career benefits to provide tuition and certification reimbursement with other wellness programs.

University of Maryland St.Joseph Medical Center: Graduates and undergraduates are reimbursed up to $3,000-$5,000. They study according to hospitals related jobs.

Adventist HealthCare: Education funds are given based on the eligibility of students, it provides grants of about $20 per week. 

Greater Baltimore Medical Center: Provides financial assistance to work-study bachelor’s and master’s program and students are eligible who have enrolled in a program of minimum of one year course.


Boston Medical Center: Nurses have the privilege to take courses outside the institution or to continue their higher education.  Students are provided tuition assistance toward the advancement of their career.

Brigham and Women's Hospital: Reimbursement is given up to $2,600 for a full-time employee and $1,600 for a part-time employee. The hospital believes in value for education with their extended tuition reimbursement.

Massachusetts General Hospital:Hospital reimburses tuition cost of $2,000 for a course related to their professional role and an up-front financial assistance of $1,500 for a support service employee.


Munson Medical Center: Hospital network offers tuition assistance also residency facilities for third and fourth year students.

Sparrow Health System: Sparrow’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Incentive Program covers fees for undergraduates while growing as a professional.

Spectrum Health Pennock: The hospital aids educational growth of students and assistance to current employees. 


HealthEast Care System: Students get scholarships and reimbursement with employment assistance and resilience programs. Students can also avail other benefits in the interview process  during the labor-contract process.

Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato: Students get a competitive salary and health care and daycare reimbursement programs. Educational and employment assistance is provided.

Park Nicollet Health Services: Students are given the opportunity of continuing their education with tuition reimbursement.


Baptist Health System: Employees at Baptists receive a maximum amount of $14,000 with a C grade or above and $7000 for Graduate course with a B grade or above.


Saint Louis University Hospital:Full-time nurses are given tuition reimbursement and  nursing residency programs.

Saint Francis Medical Center:Tuition is covered for a  Part-time and Full- Time employee based on the workforce required of up to $5,000 per year for commitment of one year service. 


Billings Clinic: Hospital provides 2 types for internships to compute students who are willing to serve for the Billings clinic services. , 

  • Health career scholarship(spring application)
  • EMS Scholarship(fall application)

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare: Registered nurses can borrow loans of upto $20,000 with a good student loan repayment plan. Full time employees are given a compensation of about $$25,00 with a 3years commitment given. 


CHI Health: nurses receive up to $10,000 and loans upto $3,000 per year . students are also encouraged to continue education and professional training programs related to healthcare.


Valley Health System: Students are encouraged  with scholarships and tuition reimbursement for their related position.

New Hampshire

Dartmouth-Hitchcock: It gives financial assistance and competitive benefits to students.

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital: Students are eligible for a sign-on bounces of up to $10,000 according to your performance. New graduates are encouraged to continue higher education.

New Jersey

Atlantic Health System: Hospital focuses on on-the-Job training to students for a year and Nursing Externship Program to train students.

Jefferson Health: Students are financially assisted and employees are well compensated according to their degree. Scholarships Are also given for eligible students.

New Mexico

Christus St. Vincent Health System: Career opportunities are given to students to explore with their tuition assistance and scholarship programs.

University of New Mexico Health System: Students work as nurse staff with the hospital and they are given tuition reimbursement to committed students. 

New York

Health Quest: Covers tuition for nursing students with a variety of job opportunities and facilitates training programs and recognition to students.

Northwell Health: Tuition reimbursement is given to students who qualify for an Associate's Baachelors or graduate-level degree of up to $5,000. Employees are offered 100% employer-paid tuition expenses  for a master’s degree.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson valley Hospital: Students are trained with professional practices with tuition reimbursement programs.

North Carolina

Duke University Health System: Nursing students are benefited with financial assistance such as Nurse Loan Forgiveness programs, certification bonus, relocation assistance. Students can cover upto 90% of tuition cost.while graduation.

Wayne UNC Health Care: Students can get education assistance and scholarship based on their eligibility and residency programs are initiated by the healthcare.

North Dakota

CHI St. Alexius Health: Students are given Tuition reimbursement, certification reimbursement program to advance student career.

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital & Clinic: Nursing students are eligible for various career paths and get reimbursement.


Cleveland Clinic: Hospital offers In-house training programs,leadership training tuition reimbursement to help students excel through their career path.

University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center: Students are reimbursed and given tuition assistance ,credit union and perks of employment assistance.


INTEGRIS Health Oklahoma:Education assistance is given to students through continued education programs, residency facilities and academic loans.  

St. John Medical Center:Offers assistance with tuition reimbursement, continuing education, and professional development opportunities to nursing students.


OHSU Hospital: Tuition support is available for students  continued education programs in specialised areas with tuition benefit areas.

Salem Hospital: Tuition reimbursement is offered a generous tuition assistance program that supports educational career path.


Penn State Hershey Medical Center:  Tuition assistance benefits of up to $5,250 per year for tuition cost. Employees are eligible for $2,100 for an undergraduate course and $2,500 for a graduate class.

Fox Chase Cancer Center: Fox Chase Cancer Center is a part of the Temple University Hospital system, it benefits eligible employees with tuition reimbursement.

Penn Medicine: Students can get tuition assistance and two courses for free each year from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital: Students who enroll for employment are eligible for 100% reimbursement upto maximum of $2,500 and reimbursement of conference fee of $500 is also provided per calendar year.

Roger William Medical Center: hospital reimburses up to $1,500 per year of a student's tuition.

Upon successful completion 3 months of initial period the the reimbursement is given up to 80% i.e. is a maximum amount of $1,500 per academic year. 

South Carolina

MUSC Health-University Medical Center: The eligible nursing student may request a maximum of $5,250 with the completion of the course. The care team members who receive assistance is required to fulfil a service commitment of one month for each $400 that is reimbursed.  

Spartanburg regional Healthcare System: Eligible students are provided with financial assistance and scholarship awards to encourage through their career.

South Dakota

Avera Hospital and Health Centers: Students looking for tuition assistance can opt for this hospital for reimbursement and job while pursuing a degree course.


HCA Healthcare: Students can borrow loans with good repayment options, tax-free reimbursement is given for an accredited educational program of $5250. Healthcare also offers scholarships of about $5,000 to cover higher education expenditure.


Menninger Clinic: Educational assistance is given to employees after 90 days of employment. Students can also opt for on-site continued education programs,etc.

Texas Health Resources: Study-work programs will take students towards the reimbursement programs and awarded by scholarships.

Valley Baptist Health System: This hospitaal in Texas will enable students to cover their turions and give reimbursement with a full-time employment opportunity.


University of Utah Health Care:  Those who are pursuing their education at the University of Utah can enjoy a 50% tuition reduction if they are full-time employees. 


University of Vermont Medical Center: Those borrowers who are nurses can expect a $3,950 in educational assistance each year. They can also avail of a reduction in tuition and other scholarships through the available 20 college partnerships. 

Central Vermont Medical Center: An employee here is eligible for $3,500 each year for tuition reimbursement.


Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center: Nurses can apply for up to tuition assistance and get up to $3,000/year. 

University of Virginia Medical Center: Based on a borrower’s employment history and salary one can receive up to $5,250 in tuition assistance or in the form of reimbursement.


PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center: Selected employees can get their tuition reimbursed. 

Seattle Children’s Hospital: Those borrowers who are pursuing a degree program which can lead to a career at the hospital are eligible for tuition reimbursement.

West Virginia

Charleston area medical center: For those students who are enrolled at an accredited nursing degree program can expect to get $5,000 per semester.

West Virginia University Medicine: Those borrowers who are full-time nurses are eligible to get up to 100% West Virginia University tuition reimbursement or $3,000 for a program at another school.


Aurora St.Luke’s Medical Center: Those Nurses who are pursuing a BSN can expect to receive up to $7,500 in tuition reimbursement.

HSHS St.Vincent Hospital: The borrowers who are eligible for tuition assistance.


Cheyenne Regional Medical Center: Those borrowers who are a part of the staff and have an 18-month commitment can receive up to $ 5,000 in educational assistance. 

Methods you can adopt for Financial Assistance

Here are certain alternative methods that can aid a nursing student:

  • Look for a scholarship, it is a cost friendly manner to cover your tuition. If you aren't eligible for one, you must look for a loan with good repayment options.
  • By getting a healthcare institution that offers tuition reimbursement, later you can repay it by working for it.
  • You can check for several colleges which offer free housing facilities that benefit students in easy transition from a student to a professional.
  • Borrowing a federal student loan at a fixed, affordable rate of  interest or even a direct subsidized loan. It is advised to try and exhaust yourself of federal aid options as they come with a number of benefits which prove to be useful later for the borrower.
  • Or find a private student loan to settle at a flexible repayment option ( you will have to provide a cosigner). Once you have exhausted yourself of your federal student loan options, private student loans are a great way to cover other expenses which can occur when you work towards your degree.   

Is tuition reimbursment worth it?

Nursing Students are benefited with financial assistance and tuition reimbursement programs for pursuing their dream path. It is a great program for students who are committee and willing to work for a Study-Work program with the hospital ,then they are sponsored with financial assistance. However, the reimbursement program highly depends on the performance of the candidate.There are certain expectations from the students in the program which may not be ideal for all nursing students.  It's always better to get an eligibility for a scholarship before seeking financial assistance from the hospitals.Some hospitals may reimburse 100% or 80% which will be decided while finalising the offer or during the labour contract.If the student does not meet the expected performance , the hospital may ask the candidate to pay back a certain amount. The students will have to bear both the Pros and Cons of the Nursing Program.

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Pros and Cons of a nursing school Program



Hospital based nursing programs help nursing students to engage more with the hospital settings.

Extended work hours and long shifts.

Easy transition of students to become a professional.

Emotional stress and difficult working conditions.

They are prone to easy access to doctors, gain practical knowledge on current research and technologies of the hospital.

Hard to balance the student and employment working programs.

Many hospitals willingly employ new RNs for their study-work programs.

Eligibility requirements are high to attain a reimbursement plan to meet the required standards.

Flexible Schedule.



Hospital Nursing Programs pay nursing students by tuition reimbursements. It is best for you if you are a nursing student looking for an experience and pay for your classes concurrently.  This program mainly aims at retaining efficient students as there is a shortage in areas such as nursing, hence, they provide various benefits to those students.

The student has to be dedicated and committed towards his career to pursue this profession as it demands high standards. Certain programs also require the student to work as an employee to work for the hospital to compensate for the tuition being covered by that hospital.

As students you have to look up to all the possible ways to build your career in the right way. This article gives information about various methods to adopt toward your career.