How To Know If You Qualify For A Tuition Waiver

In order to qualify for a tuition waiver, one must know the benefits, options, how and why to apply, know about states that provides tuition waiver program for individual seeking student loans described in it and more.

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Every student's dream is to meet up with their specific field of interest of study.The good news is student loans and tuition waiver is one big way to tackle your charged tuition fees and charged fees. 

A tuition waiver offers a type of financial award to a student to counter the expenses of  the charged tuition fees and fees by the institutions based on the valid point of your applications.

You don't have to play anymore on quotas and scholarships to get a seat for yourself.

It is important to qualify as a tuition waiver, so that your college/university allows you to waive minimum or all of your tuition free charges. 

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What is a tuition waiver ?

Tuition waivers are non-cash scholarships.A tuition waiver is a type of financial award to a student, where a university/institution/college  puts down its right to charge your tuition fees.So, a tuition waiver is a helpful way to counter the expenses of your tuition charges,tuition and fees and student loans.These waivers are granted based on the mode of your request to applications.

In simple terms, a waiver allows for a portion or all of a student's tuition not to be paid.

Student loans without a cosigner, student repayment loans, student loans forgiveness, student debt repayment options, tuition waiver services are some of the amazing ways to look for solutions.A student may apply for federal student aid and federal grants called Pell Grants for financial help through FAFSA.

Earn a seat for a state tuition waiver. It offers educational assistance to full-time, salaried employees by granting each state college/university to waive tuition fees for employees for upto six credit hours per semester on the seat vacancy basis. The tuition waiver program may be used upto 18 hours per calendar year i.e. (1st January -31st December).

The institution determines whether your courses are eligible for the fee waiver, meeting all the academic and admission requirements for the institution, and must register during the special registration period the state college or university sets for the state employees.

Why apply for tuition waiver?

Tuition waiver is as great help for students hailing from low income families. Here are some of the advantages explained below:

  • Help students free study: Students get free guidance and options on educational tuition payments and services to pursue for higher education.

  • Handle student circumstances:For those students such as senior citizens, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children of full-time eligible employees, military veterans, dependent of disable US, eligible dependent of deceased, typically qualify for some form of tuition waiver,disabled, retired employee in accordance with the university policy.

  • Full time, half time, less than a half time employees are eligible to apply :Full-time employees are eligible to apply as a tuition waiver of instructional and general  fees including 18 credit hours per semester at the standard tuition rate.

Part-time assigned or unassigned employees who have worked a minimum time-duration of 1,250 hours in a profit-eligible position,within the previous 12 months before the semester begins becomes eligible for a tuition waiver for up to four credits hours per semester for the employees only.

  • May apply for our Employee Assistance Program

  • Paid holidays as well as paid leave options

  • May apply for the State Personnel System leave of absence options.

  • May apply for The State Tuition Waiver program.

Choosing the course:

a)It also helps choose courses for graduate or undergraduate programs.Check with the institution to see if the preferable courses are offered or excluded.

Whether related to your work for the state.

b)Helps you manage when held during or outside of your work hours.(It requires supervisor approval for taking a course during your normal work ,and you must make up the time missed from work  or use approved annual, compensatory leave,paid educational leave).

c)The state grants up to $5,250 in educational assistance per year, with no tax liability to you. Also, assistance over $5,250 is reportable to the IRS and subject to taxes.

How to apply for tuition waiver

Given below are the steps on how to get a tuition waiver - 

  • Get accepted by and enroll in the state college/university you prefer. 

  • Target and determine your specific course.

  • Check the availability of course for fee waiver within the state college/university.

  • Follow clear instructions.Collect and complete special enrollment forms from the college/university.

  • Make proper supervisor sign the forms for approval in your agency.

  • Register and submit the paperwork within the registration period edition for the special state employee.Research proper details on the state tuition waiver program.

State-wise diversity tuition waiver programs

Diversity offers you to learn more about the educational environment you are living in.Students looking out state to study as a tuition waiver can approach to states listed below:


Michigan has a Tuition Incentive Program(TIP) for students having a hardship history background.

Schools in Michigan allow students belonging from at least ¼ th of Native American blood and from a federally identified tribe permitted to attend any public two year or four state university without charged tuition.Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver (MITW) applications are undertaken by the Department of Civil Rights(July 1, 2010). 

To apply for MITW, one must:

  • Fill up details of the MITW application in the student section.

  • Submit your Tribal Enrollment Department of certification, necessary documents along with the MITW application.

  • Review and ensure your entire application consisting of the tribally-certified section, including documents are submitted to MDCR for verification.Your tribe will submit the necessary documents to MDCR after they confirm for inspection and verification.

  • It is one responsibility to keep updated of your complete application status and required documents.

Eligibility for MITW:

  • Qualify for the seat at one of Michigan's public colleges or universities or affiliated institutions.

  • Qualify for an enrolled US citizenship which is a federally identified tribe as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department.

  • Should be a legal resident/citizen of the Michigan state for 12 months at least.

  • Be more than half or more native american blood quantum which is certified by your Tribal enrollment department.


Institutions like The Montana University system offer variable tuition waivers for students who are eligible under the criteria.

If a student passed the criteria, a student becomes eligible, his/her tuition fee is waived.Fee waivers do not pay fees regarding registration, class, mandatory, sports, attendance, other miscellaneous, etc.Tuition waivers pay help for tuition fees.

American Indian Waiver:

The college fund cycle on “Education is the answer” to many challenges their Native American faces on.

The American Indian Waiver provided 5,896 scholarships totaling $7.65 million to American Indian students, with more than 131,000 scholarships, totaling over $200 million since its establishment. It aids a variety of academic, support programs like tuition waivers, at the nations 35 accredited tribal colleges/universities/institutions located on or near Indian reservations, safeguarding Native American students to graduate and succeed in their field of interest.

For details visit the College Funds Top Workplaces page or the website.


Some of the best education programs in Minnesota are tuition exemptions.

Tuition exemptions: Some nonresident students may pass for exemption from the nonresident portion of tuition despite not eligible for resident status according to the status.

Though a  student is not technically a Minnesota resident by University definition, they may be eligible to pay rates because they meet up certain other qualifications enrolled for special tuition exemptions.Most such special exemptions are administered by the students college of enrollment or employment department, and recipients need not apply for resident status.

Their particular education guide aims to provide a nontechnical explanation of residency.If questions arise during interpretation as a result of the attempt to make the residency process easy to understand, then the University of Minnesota will take the final residency decision.

  • The University does not accept declarations of resident  status made by other agencies.A person who is a Minnesota resident for tax or voting purposes, for example, should not necessarily be a resident for University of Minnesota tuition and admission purposes.

  • The university's definition of resident status is applicable both for tuition payment and admission to University of Minnesota colleges. 


The Montgomery Colleges,Maryland meticulous academic programs focused  to engage, inspire, and enable one to climb over their dreams.Montgomery Colleges offers thousands of challenging classes across a wide variety of credit and non-credit programs.

Student paying options include tuition rates category as;

  • Active Duty Military and their dependents

  • Maryland National Guard Members Half-Tuitions

  • Tuition waiver for disabilities.

  • Senior tuition waiver.

  • Business and Industry Tuition rate agreements

  • Statewide programs

  • Health Workforce shortage Programs

New York

The New York State for higher education services corporation offers student waivers program. In the Context of State student financial assistance programs, they are two types of waivers,

Good academic standing waivers

The regulations of the Commissioner of education permit a waiver of good academic standing requirements in certain conditions.

In New York, the State agencies handling the administration of student financial aid programs agreed to the inclusion of the waivers, for students who failed to make satisfactory academic progress or pursue the program of study or similarly in the same process.

Regarding section 145-2.2, it specify that the good academic requirements “may be waived once for an undergraduate student and once for a graduate student if an institution certifies, and maintains documentation, that such waiver is in the best interests of a student. The prior approval by the commissioner of the criteria and procedures used by an institution to consider and grant waivers may not be required but ,the institution must make its rules and procedures for waivers available to students and the public, either in writing or on its website. In addition, the commissioner also may review such rules and procedures in use, and require an institution to revise those found to be not acceptable.”

C-average waiver

Apart from being the good academic standing waiver, it is possible, should circumstances warrant it, for a student to receive more than one C-average waiver.

According to section 661(4)(b) of the Education Law was amended for the 1995-1996 academic year; and thereafter to require that students achieve a cumulative C average or the equivalent after receiving four semester award payments.

New Jersey

If you're unemployed, Kean University in New Jersey is one of the ways to look for tuition waiver.

Kean University offers financial aid and adjustment such as disbursements and adjustments, unemployment tuition waiver, consumer information, cost of attendance, events, financial aid calendar,forms,NJ state scholarships,withdrawal from classes,etc.

Research more details on the (Unemployment Tuition waiver Checklist  Spring 2020).

To apply for this benefit, individuals must obtain certain certification from the Department of Labor, Division of Workforce New Jersey that they qualify for the benefits.

Also, an individual must verify their past presence in the labor market for at least two years and their employed status as a proof, or receipt of a layoff notice as proof of eligibility or an Employability Development Plan from the Division of Employment Services.

The growing amount of tuition and fees that Kean University will waive for non-matriculated undergraduate students is limited to 12 credits, and for non-matriculated graduate students is limited to six credits.

Under the Program exemptions, the customized courses that are underwritten by specific employers, the courses offered under the continuing education, study abroad, travelearn programs are exempt from eligibility under the tuition waiver program. It is important that Kean must be listed as a recipient on the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA) for the very academic year session.Employability Development Plan (EDP), Unemployment Personal Job Training Form (UPJTF) are important, signed and verified by the Department of Labor, Division of Workforce of New Jersey.

Students who use the unemployment tuition waiver are not entitled to any promotional benefit offered by Kean University (Kean Dollars ).In addition to the Special Conditions application, the student might submit the copies signed of required IRS tax return transcripts, W2s, the supporting documents within the period of five business days of the last day of Add/Drop. 


The University of Texas at Austin provides a good amount of options for student waivers.

Waivers are permitted only for the period in which a student is currently enrolled. Important applications must be submitted no later than the date of commencement at the end of the spring semester or either during the official graduation date at the end of the semester session or fall semester.However, the student is responsible for payment of the remaining tuition if not covered by the waiver.

The preferable options sponsored are as follows:

  • Competitive scholarship waiver.

  • Economic development and diversification waiver.

  • Waiver for Faculty members, teaching assistants, and research assistants, and their dependents.

  • Good neighbour scholarship.

  • Waiver for International Students who hold visas allowing for domicile in the United States.

  • Waiver for Mexican Citizens with financial need.

  • Waiver for military citizens and or veterans stationed in Texas.

  • The non-residents enrolled in the Texas guaranteed tuition plan and or texas tuition promise fund.

  • May apply waiver for military veterans, spouses, and children moving to Texas.


The University of South Florida offers for student waiver under different options.They are highlighted below.

The Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) petition and Graduate Studies petition forms:

1)The ARC petition and graduate studies occur at the college level:

    • Undergraduate students should submit the relevant document to the ARC representatives as listed in the form.Incomplete petitions are rejected.

    • It also includes

    • Medical form

    • Late drop/add petition form

    • Reinstatement after dismissal form

    • Graduate Studies Petition.

2)The waiver forms include:

a)Course Audit Form, 

b)Late registration fee waiver form, 

c)Fee adjustment request form

d)Grade forgiveness request form,

e)Summer hour waiver request form.

3)Repeat course surcharge waiver.

4)Information and wide statistical update forms.

5)Outgoing student transient form.

6)Out of state veteran tuition exemptions.

7)Out of state Waiver eligibility process.

8)Child protection and Welfare tuition.


The University of Washington offers an international student tuition waivers program.

In the state of Washington, it extend 300 quarters of tuition waivers available to support international student exchanges and international students with the primary emphasis of creating international opportunities for residents of Washington.Tuition waivers program for international graduate students who joined the University of Washington as part of a degree program like Fulbright, are managed by the Office of Fellowships and Awards in the graduate school.However, tuition waivers program for international students who visit the UW as part of a formal exchange are managed by UW Study Abroad.


Connecticut State College and Universities (CSCU) offers veterans tuition waiver programs.

It is available for veterans and active military members who choose to attend CSCU, and are valued and vital part of the community. It believes in recognising and honoring the sacrifices, valuing their life experiences as they widen the diversity of the staff, faculty and student body.Its offers coverage for

  • Eligible military veterans only;

  • An active member of the Connecticut Army and of the Air National Guard;

  • It aids a Connecticut resident who is a dependent child, either a surviving spouse of a member of the armed forces killed in actions on or after September 11.2001 who was a Connecticut resident.

  • It also aids a state resident who are independent children of a person whom the armed forces has declared to be either missing in actions, a prisoner of war while serving in the Armed Forces after 1st january,1960.

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Best schools to apply for tuition waiver in 2020

Some of the best schools in 2020 to apply for tuition waiver are listed below:

Alabama A&M University, Alabama

This is the institution that waives out of state tuition, if you're looking for one. The schools undergraduate tuition rate for out-of-state students costs $518 per credit hour. They provide an out-of-state waiver available to qualifying students and this exemption allows out-of-state students to pay the resident cost of $259 per credit hour only.

Kenai Peninsula College, Alaska

Most of the colleges in Alaska have a similar price for tuition. Kenai Peninsula College is a campus within the University of Alaska Anchorage, having tuition price starting at $649 per credit hour for out-of-state students.

Grand Canyon University, Arizona:

At this university, there is no pricing for out-of-state students, all students, regardless of residency, pay the equal price.It cost around $8,250 per semester for full-time undergraduates.

Southern Arkansas University, Arkansas:

It is one of the best options to apply for out-of-state colleges. It offers the lowest price within the state of Arkansas. The tuition for non-resident is approximately $345 per credit hour, which is only $122 more than the resident tuition.

Santa Monica College, California: 

An affordable rate for out-of-state tuition options in a costly state possibly. It offers non-resident undergraduate students $230 per credit hour. Also, a full-time student spends about $3000 per semester, which depends on the number of credits students are taking.

University of Northern Colorado, Colorado:

This university offers a flat free for all the students, regardless of residency. The cost of attending this University is about $600 per credit hour, with student fees being already a portion of the tuition cost.

Central Connecticut State University, Connecticut:

It offers the best, cheapest out-of-state tuition. The fees are $11,300 per credit semester for full-time, undergraduate students, and non-resident students.

Wilmington University, Delaware:

This university provides excellent education value.The tuition fee is $346 per credit hour for resident and non-resident students. 

Palm Beach State College,Florida:

It is an affordable college which is  located in Lake Worth Florida. It offers out-of-state college credit courses for $363 per credit hour. And for Baccalaureate degree courses increase to $558 per credit.

State College, Georgia: 

It is located in Albany.It also offers out-of-state undergraduates a tuition rate of $344 per credit hour, and the cost per credit is lesser when exceeding 15 hours in a semester.

University of Hawaii,Hawaii: 

Each three different sites of the university offers lower prices,but the Hilo and West O’ahu price is $840 per credit semester for non-residents undergraduates.

College of Southern Idaho, Idaho:

The tuition for undergraduate students is $240 per credit hour, which includes the other fees as well.

Western Illinois University, Illinois:

All the federal students pay $284 per credit hour, and international tuition rates apply for outside U.S students.

University of Southern Indiana,Indiana:

located in Evansville.The out-of-state undergraduate students tuition fees are $576 credit per hour.

Upper Iowa University, Iowa:

The education is not based on residency but measured annually. The full-time undergraduate student pays $28,140 for tuition fees annually.

Grantham University, Kansas:

The undergraduate tuition charges is $265 per credit hour. Military and veteran students can attend at a discounted rate of $250 per credit hour.

Morehead State University, Kentucky:

Tuition charges for full-time ,out-of-state undergraduates costs $6,398 per semester, part-time tuition is $534 per credit hour.

Louisiana College, Louisiana:

This college charges students $440 per credit hour (before fees) no matter their residency. They allow students to audit a course for around $213 per credit hour.

Husson University, Maine:

The tuition charges for undergraduate students is $535 per credit hour. Summer school courses cost $480 per credit hour

Montgomery College, Maryland:

Undergraduates students pay $344 per credit hour excluding fees. 

Salem State University, Massachusetts:

It offers affordable tuition for out-of-state undergraduates who are part-time, full-time. The part-time students pay $294 per credit hour whereas the full-time students pay $3525 credit per semester.


Therefore, face less tension and obstacles and look for more additional benefits by qualifying for a tuition waiver mentioned above.Thus, tuition waiver should never be confused with employer tuition assistance or be it tuition reimbursement. The fraction of the total value of working under the state would benefit one from taking time off when you need it, balancing work and life programs.Programs including paid holidays, paid leave options, leave of absence options, our employee assistance program, the state tuition waiver program, the state personnel system telework and the flexible work schedule programs provide bonus to the benefits.