MEFA student loan review

MEFA student loan is the loan servicing company also known as the best company that offers education loan programes, refinancing options, provide private student loans for undergraduates and graduates across all states of U.S. learn more on how to take student loan with MEFA, how to apply, and more.

Updated by Priya shah on 15th June 2020

The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority known as MEFA is one of the most trusted loan servicers across the country that provide loans in Massachusetts that often offers loan facilities to college students so they can continue their studies without worrying about the financial lacks and insufficiency. They are one of the oldest loan providers that are providing loans as financial support from the last 30 years. They are working with the composite aim to make residents Massachusetts independent and successful.

They have designated their loan plan among the closely related ones like community organizations, schools, and families. The loan amount and the specific interest rate are determined as per the needs of students across the state. In order to raise awareness among the students, they often make efforts to do something new and creative to aware students of affordable student loan opportunities. Due to their excellent and unbreakable hard work, MEFA gets a positive remark from a plethora of students. 

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Private student loan details

Private student loans are a great option to help cover additional expenses to be covered. While going with MEFA you can expect the following-

Terms of loan 10 to15 years
Amount of loan
min loan amount:$2000 for private colleges,$1500 for a government college; max: total cost of attendance other than financial aid
Grace period
Minimum of 6 months for undergraduates
Cosigner release
Only available with one repayment plan
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Graduate student loans

Private student loans don’t accept late fees. The one-time repayment plan offers cosigner release. MEFA private student loans don’t offer deferment or forbearance only if you have trouble making your payments. That justifies that MEFA is a good choice only for those who own a stable income after graduation.


  • It offers a fixed rate of interest.

  • Cosigner release is only applicable once you are selecting the deferred repayment when you apply

  • In short, they don’t have the availability of deferment or forbearance programs

How to take out a loan with MEFA 

MEFA is one of the trusted and reliable loan servicers that can be the best source of funding for the students who can't apply for the most affordable federal student loans because they offer an interest rate that is obviously higher with federal PLUS loans. It’s always a good idea to compare the interest rates from different lenders as the rate they offer to the borrower they vary from lender to lender.

How to apply for a MEFA student loan?

You can apply for MEFA student loans on its official website.  To successfully and instantly apply In order to take a MEFA student loan or any private student loan, you must exhaust your federal student loan option first. Whereby submitting the free application for federal student aid, known as the FAFSA. Before applying must go for the comparison of the student loan options of the private student loan in order to get the best rate you qualify for. Also lenders repayment alternatives and the flexibility that they offer to borrowers who gets quite a trouble in making the payments.

Qualifications for MEFA student loans

MEFA is especially the loan servicer that provides private student loans for undergraduate and graduate students. The ones who are interested in the loans must enroll at least half-time in an accredited program at an eligible and renowned college or university. They should maintain satisfactory academic progress as termed as college. In order to qualify an education refinancing loan, the borrower must be the eligible citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. with an attractive credit history.

And must be remembered that your history of default and delinquencies in the past year or foreclosure in the past 5 years.

In case if you didn’t qualify for the education refinancing loan on itself you may require a cosigner for the process of the loan.

Your credit score of at least 670 or above will be considered as strong credit history. Must be free for any history of default of the loan with no delinquency in the past 12 months.

MEFA student loan refinancing

Student loan refinancing is a great way to manage your loan debt, it is advised to have an in-depth understanding of what refinancing has to offer.

The MEFA Massachusetts educational financing authority offers private student loans to graduate students. It offers education loan refinancing loans across the country. 


  • It offers release on cosigner for undergraduate loans.

  • It provides deferment on in-school loans for up to a period of 5 years.

  • It allows students to borrow up to the additional cost of attendance minus financial aid.


  • They don’t offer cosigner release on graduate student or refinancing loans.

  • Requires residency for in-school loans.

  • Have a very low flexibility option for graduate and refinancing loans.

Fees and discounts

  • Only fixed-rate in-school students are offered by MEFA.

  • Borrowers can choose between a fixed or variable interest rate if they are looking to refinance.

  • Whereas undergraduate student also has an option of choosing the repayment term (10- 15years), and graduate students are given 15 years.

Interest rates, fees, and terms

  • Loan terms exceed from 7, 10 or 15 years.

  • No consideration for late fees.

  • They don't have a prepayment penalty.

  • No application or origination fee

  • Can't transfer a parent loan to a child

  • Loans amount is :$10000 as per your outstanding debt.


  • Minimum credit score must be 670

  • Minimum income should be $24000 per year

  • You can qualify after 5 years if you have filed for bankruptcy.

Deferment and repayment options

Student loan repayment is an important phase in a borrower's life, it is advised to explore the various options one can use. Repayment options vary from servicers to servicers. And also depend on the type of loan you have. Undergraduate students have the option of choosing between immediate payment, interest-only payments, and deferred repayments while graduate students don’t have the option of immediate repayment option.

Education refinancing loans don’t offer interest-only or deferred repayments. The loan varies according to the student where a student can defer undergraduate loans for up to 60 months and graduate loans for up to 36 months. Where the lender often doesn’t provide deferment options for loans that are to refinance.

Quality of the MEFA student loans that are best for

  • For the students who have been part of Massachusetts either staying or left both.

  • Those students and graduate students who qualify and have a cosigner 

  • An undergraduate student who wants a cosigner release feature.

How can Mefa student loans improve? 

They can improve by considering the below. 

1. By providing a cosigner release to its customers.
2. Even though the customers have job security, it will be beneficial if Mefa provides deferment/ forbearance options.
3. By providing better repayment options and term periods.
4. It also requires residency requirements for school loans.

Customer service

MEFA is one of the best ranked and A+ rating with the better business bureau. According to the 2018 data the servicer company received 24 student loan-related complaints about MEFA. the most common issues  related to:

  • The problems in handling the payments.

  • Wrong information about the loan.

  • Lack of flexibility options.

  • Issues and problems with customer service.

MEFA has a record of providing a timely and valid response to 23 complaints and solved all the complaints with an explanation.

Contact Information

General information

Phone no: 8004496332

Open from (mon- Fri) 9:00a.m to 5.00p.m


Mailing ad

dress: MEFA 60 state street, suite 900 Boston, MA 02109

For graduate and undergraduate loans

Phone no: 800266-0243


Fax: 888725-2855

Mailing address: MEFA 8520 Laverne, CA 91750-9998


As a comparison to other loan servicers, MEFA is an entrusted loan servicer that provides the loan in Massachusetts. This company provides various facilities in regards to loans to undergraduate, graduate student loans at a very low rate of interest and helps students to manage and save money for the higher studies as well as to refinance the loan at an affordable rate of interest.

MEFA works with a goal to help the student manage with a goal to assist students with an affordable student loan in inorder to make them complete their studies and contribute in a positive way, being a citizen of the nation. This loan servicing company assists students and their families in the most efficient manner.