How Sallie Mae Student Loans can help Parents pay for their Child's Education

The Sallie Mae Parent Loan gives the alternative to anybody — guardians, grandparents, or even companions — to borrow money for a student's benefit. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of Sallie Mae Loan for Parents.

Updated by Namitha Antony on 14th July 2020

The Sallie Mae Parent Loan gives the alternative to anybody — guardians, grandparents, or even companions — to borrow money for a student's benefit. As our Sallie Mae Parent Loan survey will detail, the item permits financially sound grown-ups to shield students from taking on additional debt, but without the insurances ensured by federal Parent PLUS credits.  

Sallie Mae parent loans are best for trustworthy parents and other people who can deal with prompt repayment on loans obtained for a section or full-time undergrad.

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Sallie Mae student loans for Parents 

Propelled in April 2016, the Sallie Mae Parent Loan is named for guardians, yet it's accessible to any individual who needs to help pay for school. We painstakingly investigated these Sallie Mae student loans to feature what's extraordinary (and not very good) about this choice.  

Here are the fundamentals:  

  • Fixed and variable loan fees accessible  

  • 0.25% rate markdown for taking a crack at autopay  

  • Obtain up to 100% of your youngster's expense of participation  

  • No beginning expense or prepayment punishment Guardians of students going to school low maintenance are qualified  

  • Two repayment alternatives: Make interest-only or full installments while your youngster is selected  

  • Repayment term: 10 years  

  • Forbearance is accessible dependent upon the situation if you can't make your next installment  

  • Forgiveness on account of the student's passing or lasting incapacity  

More about the Sallie Mae Parent Loan  

There are a bunch of significant advantages of Sallie Mae parent loans, beginning with how it'll influence your main concern.  

Competitive interest rates and no fees

Sallie Mae student loan rates for these parent-centered loans are serious with different moneylenders publicizing comparative items.  

Very much qualified borrowers can get Sallie Mae student loan rates that have generally beaten federal student loan rates for Parent PLUS Loans. Here's a correlation of the two alternatives for the 2019-2020 school year:  



Sallie Mae Parent Loans

Parent PLUS Loans

Interest rate options

Fixed and variable


Student loan rates

Variable rates start at 3.50%

Fixed rates start at 5.49%


Loan fee



Total fees and interest on $10,000 balance



 As the examination appears, a fixed-rate Sallie Mae Parent Loan can spare you as much as $1,390 for each $10,000 acquired.  

Notwithstanding, only one out of every odd candidate will fit the bill for the least rates. Since Sallie Mae student credit rates can go as high as 12.87%, a few guardians will improve rates by picking Parent PLUS Loans. These government credits likewise accompany more noteworthy protections, for example, the capacity to defer in-school installments, making them a lot more secure wager.  

Additionally, in case you're getting for the 2020-2021 scholarly year and past, remember that Parent PLUS Loans are set out toward truly low rates. It has estimated that mothers and fathers could obtain these government credits at 5.30% beginning in the late spring of 2020.  

You don’t have to be a parent to qualify

Even though this loan is known as the Sallie Mae Parent Loan, Sallie Mae doesn't expect borrowers to be guardians or lawful watchmen of the student whose instruction the loan is planned to fund. The borrower can be a:

  • Parent

  • Guardian

  • Spouse

  • Grandparent or other relatives

  • Friend

Choose the right in-school repayment option for you

Parents taking out Sallie Mae student credits have two repayment choices:  

  • Principal and interest repayment: Start quickly repaying both principal and interest on your Sallie Mae student loans, which have a 10-year term. These installments are higher however will bring down the loan's all out expenses and get you free and clear quicker.

  • Interest repayment: Opt to make interest-only installments while your kid is selected (for as long as four years). Interest-only repayment will be lower than principal and interest repayment. It can let a loose room in your financial plan to pay some school costs from cash on hand. When your advantage is that when the interest-only repayment period closes, you can make principal and interest repayments more than 10 years.

Many parent student loans don't offer an approach to keep installments low while your youngster is in school. Having these choices gives you the adaptability to choose what bodes well for you.  

Keep your college student out of debt

A Sallie Mae Parent Loan isn't available to students themselves as either essential borrowers or cosigners. A Parent Loan candidate can include a student loan cosigner, however, it can't be the student.

As the proprietor of this student debt, you'll be completely liable for repaying the loan. So if you will probably keep your student free and clear, this Sallie Mae private student loan will permit you to assume on that liability.  

Maintain control over your debt — and credit

You could cosign private student loans with your youngster as the essential borrower, however on the off chance that your kid misses an installment, it'll hurt your credit.  

With a Sallie Mae Parent Loan, you're in charge of the debt and can ensure it's taken care of capably. You'll shield yourself and your credit from the disasters of others.  

Furthermore, you'll have the ability to alter or deal with the debt in any capacity you see fit, for example, refinancing your student credits.  

What to keep in mind about the Sallie Mae Parent Loan

Sallie Mae isn't the main bank alternative for parent-obtained student loans, so know about these likely disadvantages before making all necessary endorsements.  

Eligibility requirements that exclude parents of some non-traditional students

To get a Sallie Mae Parent Loan, you should meet the accompanying qualification prerequisites:  

  • Credit background: You'll need to meet Sallie Mae's credit models or have a qualified co-signer who does.

  • Student's enlistment: Sallie Mae student loans are offered uniquely to students who took on a degree-giving project. Fortunately, students enlisted not exactly half time will fulfill this prerequisite. Parent PLUS Loans, then again, require a student to be selected low maintenance or full-time.

  • U. S. citizenship: Both the borrower and the student must be U.S. residents or legitimate changeless occupants of the U.S.  

If you can fulfill the above prerequisites, Sallie Mae is bound to endorse your student credit application.  

In case you're a noncitizen looking for worldwide student loans or have a youngster going to a non-degree-allowing school, you may need to look somewhere else.  

No prequalification process available

Numerous private student moneylenders play out a delicate credit check they can use to create rate offers. Sadly, Sallie Mae doesn't. The main alternative the moneylender gives site guests is to apply for parent-student loans to get a rate.  

All things considered, the procedure to apply for Sallie Mae student credits is genuinely direct.  

On the Parent Loan page, click "Apply for a loan." It will take you to an online application entryway. The application requests the student's school and enlistment status and the candidate's contact subtleties and recognizing data.  

When you complete the application, the loan specialist will assess it. You could get results inside 15 minutes. On the off chance that you qualify and like your offer, you can follow the prompts to get your Sallie Mae private student loan.  

Simply be certain Sallie Mae conveys your most ideal terms before picking it over contending loan specialists. It's astute to search around within any event three loan specialists to think about rates. You may likewise consider banks like Education Loan Finance that give a prequalification rate check before finishing a conventional application with Sallie Mae.

One-size-fits all repayment term

With a Sallie Mae parent credit, you're secured in a 10-year repayment plan. You could generally prepay your debt on a speedier calendar, however, the loan specialist sets your regularly scheduled installment sum and due date.  

Other tops of the line parent loan specialists give term alternatives of five or 15 years. For the most adaptability, you may look at contending loan specialist College Ave, which professes to give 11 reimbursement term decisions traversing five to 15 years.  

Lack of federal loan-like repayment protections

Truly, Sallie Mae parent credits rival government Parent PLUS Loans on financing costs and expenses. But, Sallie Mae gives a negligible portion of the repayment securities ensured by the Education Department.  

On the off chance that you acquire from Sallie Mae over the government, remember that you'll miss out on novel projects like income-based repayment and extended access to reimbursement delays like postponement and forbearance. 

Sallie Mae, as far as it matters for its, lone honors a restraint of as long as a year depending upon the situation. The loan specialist suggests calling its client care if your accounts don't permit you to make your next regularly scheduled installment.  

Is a Sallie Mae Parent Loan directly for you?  

Obtaining federal loans before falling back on private schooling obligation is commonly fitting. In any case, if a Sallie Mae Parent Loan could enhance your youngster's school financing, it's a serious choice to consider.  

Keep on focusing on costs and anticipated student loan installments, in any case. That way, you'll know without a doubt if compensating the debt is reasonable for your family. Try not to depend on Sallie Mae Parent Loan surveys to confirm that for you.

Regardless of whether Sallie Mae appears to be an ideal fit, it merits looking for your most ideal loan.