Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

An Institute that has been accredited by ABET meets all the standards of quality and is best for programs related to engineering graduation.

Posted by Navya B on 22nd March 2018

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology

  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology is abbreviated as ABET.

  • It is a non-governmental organization and the main motto is this accrediting body is to “be confident”.

  • This organization was founded on 10th may 1932 and it had established its headquarters in Maryland and United States.

  • This accreditation is mainly for the colleges which offer applied sciences, engineering, computing, and technologies.

  • This accreditation focuses more on engineering courses and provides accreditation only to those meet their needs.

A detailed view of engineering courses in ABET is mentioned below


Mathematics, statistics, physics, and chemistry

Levels of Degree

Associate, Bachelors and Masters

Online Availability

Fully in a few specified colleges


Computer Engineer, Computer Programmer etc.

Guiding values of an Institution

  • The university should have good infrastructure.

  • They should rely on their core mission.

  • An institution should have some fixed policies and procedures.

  • They should provide all the necessary needs of students. It includes Educational resources, Infrastructural resources, Medical resources and Technical resources.

  • They should be student learning oriented.

  • Future planning and implementation must be there.

 Institution Requirements for ABET

  • A university/college should concentrate more on academics and student learning.

  • An institution should offer all the online courses possible for students.

  • Institutions should have specific goals and future plans for improvisation.

  • They should withstand liability and be honest in the process of accreditation.

  • A University should pose good reviews from the general public.

  • The institution’s evaluation should be done on the basis of continuous improvement.

  • The governance bodies in the institution should be liable.

  • All the legal matters should be perfect without any issues.

 List of colleges which are accredited by ABET

Grantham University Capella University
Daytona State University East Carolina University
Excelsior College Regis University
John Hopkins University University of Southern Mississippi

How does it benefit students?

  • It gives more clarity to students to choose colleges and universities.

  • Students studying in accrediting universities/colleges will get many benefits compared to other college students, one advantage is placements.

  • You can get involved in many co-circular inter-college activities.

  • ABET main scope is of engineering and technology; students can lead to many innovative and inspiring activities.

  • You get opportunities of doing internship and project work in good companies.

  • Students will gain transferable skills.


This accreditation is mainly for colleges and programs related to applied sciences like engineering and technology. It helps such colleges get good reviews and get recognized.

In turn, it will get students to opt for the best colleges for pursuing courses in engineering and related areas. I hope this blog has helped you.