American Library Association Committee on Accreditation (ALA)

American Library Association Committee is the association that accredits institutions who offer students the program on library and information services and support librarianship.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 16th May 2018

American Library Association Committee on Accreditation (ALA)

American Library Association Committee is the biggest and classic library association on the planet.

Established on October 6, 1876, the mission of ALA is "to give initiative to the advancement and improvising of library and data administrations and the profession of librarianship keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade learning and guarantee access to data for all".

The maxim of the American Library Association Committee is to give the best read, for the biggest number all over the world and in any event cost.

American Library Association has thought of and be firm to stick to five key Action Areas as the controlling standards for guiding the Association, which are Diversity, Equity of Access, Education and Continuous Learning, Intellectual Freedom and 21st Century Literacy. 

Eligibility Requirements for ALA accreditation

The eligibility requirements that every college or university seeking accreditation needs to fulfill are-

  • An organization that has a master's program in library and information studies that isn't licensed by the ALA's Committee on Accreditation must experience precandidacy and candidacy status before getting starting accreditation.

  • The ALA requires that the establishment is authorized by its local certifying organization. This does not apply in Canada due to no such organization.

  • In order to look for initial accreditation from the ALA, precandidate programs are required to apply for candidacy status.

  • A perpetual full-time Dean must be set up before a program can be conceded nomination status.

  • A letter from the director of the foundation asking for nomination status for the establishment ought to be sent to the office.

  • A letter from the dignitary of the program/school in which the organization is situated requesting for application status.

American Library Association’s guiding principles and values

The center value statements which characterize their objectives and goals include-

  • Extending library benefits in America and all around the globe.

  • There will be a wide range of libraries exhibit wherever – scholastic, public, school and unique.

  • All administrators, library staff, trustees and different people and teams attempting to enhance library administrations.

  • There ought to be top notch member benefit.

  • An open, comprehensive, and collective environment to be available.

  • High estimation of morals, polished skill, and honesty.

  • Excellence and development

  • Intellectual opportunity

  • Social obligation and the general population.

ALA’s decision-making Committees

Committees created by the Executive Board, Council, and the president are designated as committees of the Association and committees of the Council. Appointments to committees of Council are made by the ALA president-elect, who chairs and acts on the advice of the Committees.

 Institutions that are accredited by American Library Association Committee

The universities that come under American Library Association Committee accreditation are-


American Association Committee is an agency that provides accreditation for institutions providing master degree programs. It focuses on providing high-quality education so that the career of librarianship prospers.