Academic Scholarships

Learn about Academic Scholarships and how to apply for full tuition academic scholarships.

TCM Staff

26th February 2020

Scholarships are generally awarded for a number of reasons. For students who are excellent in studies but belong to a family with low income, various organizations and companies offer scholarships based on the academic status of the students. These academic scholarships are awarded based on the ranking of the student, the general academic merits, and achievements and other factors. Most of the scholarships offer enough money for the student to pay for the tuition and fees, accommodation, books and supplies and other educational expenses. The students need not pay back the money received as scholarships as these are awarded based on the students’ merit and other achievements.

The federal government, various state and private organizations, agencies, groups, associations and educational institutions like universities and colleges offer a number of financial aids like loans, grants, scholarships and work-study programs of which, scholarships are the most student-friendly form as scholarships are available in abundance and they are generally not need-based whereas the loans and certain student grants are to be paid back as these are provided to students who have financial troubles.

Academic scholarships are awarded to students who have ranked in the top percentage of the graduation batch. These scholarships are awarded based on artistic and athletic skills of the students as well. Although the criteria required by the provider companies, organizations and institutions vary, the basic eligibility criteria are similar. Some of the basic eligibility criteria are as follows:-

  • You must have a high cumulative GPA.

  • You must be ranked in the top percentage of the graduation batch in the previous institution you studied at.

  • You must have eligible scores in the competitive tests like the ACT and the SAT.

  • You must be a citizen or a legal non-citizen of the United States.

  • You must be a permanent resident of one of the States of America.

  • You must be enrolled in or planning to enroll in an accredited university, college or any other educational institution.

The students are relieved of the financial burden of educational expenses as the scholarships are easily available and these funds cover the entire expenses. A wide range of scholarship opportunities is available for students who wish to pursue higher education and a successful career. As there are many scholarships available, there is one for everyone.

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