10 Time Management Tips for College Students

Time is a finite resource that is why it is valuable for everyone. Balancing responsibilities at your college, job and home is not easy. In this article find time management tips for college students and why is time management important.

Updated by TCM Staff on 12th August 2020

Time is a finite resource that is why it is valuable for everyone. Balancing responsibilities at your college, job, and home is not easy. No matter how much work you have, you are always left with 24 hours in a day to do your work, spend time with your friends or family, and to relax as well.  

But we have some tips to finish work on time and enjoy. We have discussed a few time management tips and strategies to prepare for exams and to take time for yourself while pursuing your college degree.

Time Management Tips for College Students

College can be busy and stressful. Between going to class, doing the homework, taking the tests, and finishing the assignments we all get stuck. We hardly get any time to relax and enjoy the journey. But you are not alone who is trying to maintain a balance in your chaotic life. It’s very important to focus on time management in college.

Here are a few suggestions that you can consider for yourself:-

1. Make a Plan

It's never too late to start figuring out how you'll do all the work in a limited period of time. Make a list of all your assignments—including weekly assignments, quizzes, and exercises or short papers—into your electronic or print calendar. Then develop a plan for the day, make a full schedule for the day and prioritize your task, this will help you to know what to do and when.

2. Stick to Plan

Making a plan is easy, but the following is tough. Try to make a plan at the beginning of your semesters so that you can adjust to it very soon and  you can see if you have some leftover time for other engagements. Initially, it will be a little difficult to adjust yourself according to the routine but once you will do it, you will worth it.

3. Schedule your study time

It’s really important to decide when you can engage seriously with your work. Some students find the night time better to work while some find morning time best to concentrate. Decide for yourself whether you are an owl or a rooster.

4. Know yourself

The more you know about yourself, the better you will be at adapting the college life. There will be sometimes when our needs and wants will contradict each other so plan your day according to yourself. Be aware of your energy levels, and the time when your are most active so that you can focus properly on your class and homework and plan your day around this.

5. Make a checklist

Try to make a checklist at the beginning of your semester and mark your assignment with due date, quiz dates, and tests. It will help you plan the time frame for future course assignments.

6. Stay organised

Try to keep yourself organized and make a balanced routine for yourself. Create your routine in such a way that you can make time for yourself along with your classes and self-study. It's also important to manage your courses too. Don't spend much time on the subject which you find easier to do. Keep in mind that you have multiple courses and you have to pay equal attention to each of them.

7. Use your phone for good

Phones can be an easy distraction for all of us. With millions of apps and games your phone can be more a time-waster than a time manager. But try to waste less time on social media and games. Try to make your phone the best asset in saving your time. 

Use your phone as an on-go calendar and scheduler. Set reminders that will remind your due dates and commitments. 

8. Do one thing at a time

Don’t waste your time doing multiple things at a time. Some students think that while copying notes they can hear a lecture and complete both tasks efficiently. But the truth is you can’t focus well on any of these tasks. Don’t try to switch on the other task until you finish the first one. Trust me it may be a hard habit to break but it’s worth it.  So it’s better to do it once and right.

9. Take breaks

It’s important to take time for yourself and relax. Long study sessions or chunks of time working on assignments should be broken up with time away from screens or textbooks. You need to give your mind a rest.

10. Divide and Rule

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by large projects and big exams, and the anxiety can make you want to procrastinate. Start with shorter, simpler to-do items and then move on to larger projects or assignments or break up larger projects, research papers, field studies, and cumulative finals, into manageable chunks.

Some additional time management tips

The college is like managing several works simultaneously. Students have to attend classes, do homework, take tests, sometimes holding a job, giving time to family and to themselves and many more things in a single day. That's why it is really important to manage your time. The points mentioned above are some important ways by which you can manage your time effectively and efficiently. 

But apart from the above-mentioned tips, checkout these additional time management tips for students:-

  • Push yourself and be persistent, especially when you know you are doing well.

  • Try rewarding yourself when you get things done as you had planned, especially the important ones.

  • Find something to enjoy in whatever you do.

  • Try to be an optimist and seek out the good in your life.

  • Find ways to build on your successes.

  • Stop regretting your failures and start learning from your mistakes.

Why is time management important?

There are many ways to improve time management such as writing a schedule, prioritizing your work, or downloading productivity apps. But if you don’t understand the importance of good time management then these lists are not going to help you anyway. 

Time is important for everyone but if you have poor time management skills then it can cause a lack of sleep, unhappiness, and other health complications. 

Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success. Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life.

Here are few reasons why one should have a good time management skills:-

  • Improves self-discipline

 If you have good time management skills then chances are high that you are a self-disciplined person. Self-discipline improves your other sides of life too, from your career to your relationship. You can give time to everyone. This will help you to achieve goals in all arrears of your life.

  • Improves your quality of work

 By managing your time effectively you can finish your work while keeping your regular routine. You can produce a good quality of work along with the time you need to rest.

  • Reduces stress

Good time management skills eliminate stress from your life. If you have this skill then you can finish your work in your given time with quality which will help you in lowering your stress level. 

  • Free time is what you need

After a day full of work, everyone needs to relax. Many of us don’t get enough time to do so. Between our day-to-day work, responsibilities, families we hardly find 10 minutes for yourself to sit and relax. Good time management skills will help us to find that time. It’s important to manage work time and break time such that we get enough time to relax mentally and physically after a long hectic day. 

  • You can accomplish more

Managing time is great for productivity. You will realize you have done far more work in less time without getting rushed off. You will enhance focus and efficiency in your work. 

Time management is a common problem for every student. But finding the solution to your problem is in your hands. Take advice from students and teachers who have been there. Take advantage of academic resources that help busy college students balance studies, work, and life. And now we have suggested a few tips to manage your time better. Try to use suggestions and check out how effectively you put those suggestions into your life.

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