10 Surprising Career Opportunities For Potential Humanities Majors

As opposed to popular opinion, humanities majors have a significant advantage over other majors as they receive certain traits that would appeal to potential employers. In this article we discuss 10 such surprising career opportunities for humanities majors.

TCM Staff

30th April 2020

As opposed to popular opinion, humanities majors have a significant advantage over other majors as they receive certain traits that would appeal to potential employers. They possess numerous qualities including critical thinking, communication, complex problem-solving, research, and time management.

In fact, many employers seek out humanities majors for this very reason, so your major may make you an even more attractive candidate. In this way, they achieve things that science or management majors do not. Every major has its pros and cons. But since this article is focussed on humanities majors we will be talking mainly about their advantages over other majors.

In fact, certain programs require students to take humanities credits to impart certain skills that are considered desirable in the employment sector. These skills would include, critical thinking and communication. Many degrees in the humanities fields can be applied to a wide variety of professions. Additionally, your major allows you to leave your options open since you aren’t in a program that’s limited to a specific profession. This article would provide information regarding potential careers depending on your accreditation.

The two main categories we would be providing information regarding are degrees and advanced degrees. 

Career opportunities that don’t necessarily require an advanced degree


Writing is a career opportunity that spans over many employment fields. This would include copywriting, journalism and even content writing. Almost every field requires writing to some degree. Whether it is in terms of publicity or even marketing. In this way, your humanities degree would come in extremely handy. It would provide the ability to sharpen your overall writing skills. Writing is relevant—and often central—too many careers, including content or copywriting, journalism, screenwriting, editing, and grant writing 

Marketing and Advertising

These fields, in particular, require strong communication skills and even a certain level of critical thinking in order to combat any kind of situation they could be faced with in. This way your humanities major or degree would provide a number of insights that would hopefully allow you to excel at this particular field.


Your humanities degree would allow you to excel in this field. Sales require a certain level of communication and empathy which are two things you inevitably learn when you take any humanities course or curriculum, by having a basic understanding of the audience your product was designed for, you can better sell the aforementioned product.


There is a wide variety of fields that would widely benefit from a linguist or a person who has a good understanding of a number of languages. Your employment opportunities would include being hired in foreign service, airlines, travel agencies, and other businesses that require translators.

Human resources

Human Resources: Working in human resources requires strong interpersonal skills, and you’ll need to be able to work well with people. In an HR position, you may be recruiting job candidates, as well as planning programs and benefits for current employees at a particular organization.

 Graphic design

 Most companies require graphic designers. Your art major will be useful in branding and helping convey organizations’ messages.

Career opportunities that require an advanced degree 


Nearly any major you can think of can prepare you to be a teacher. You’ll also need to get teaching certified after you finish college. Some positions will also require you to receive a master’s degree, but it can usually be in your specialty.


While many lawyers major in history or political science as undergraduates, there are generally no specific requirements or courses you need to be admitted to law school. Public speaking and communication skills are key to this field.


Many humanities majors, such as history and political science, provide a solid foundation for working as a government officer.

 In conclusion, a humanities degree is extremely useful in terms of various fields of employment as it imparts you with certain skills that make you desirable to potential employers. There are many career options for nearly any degree. Just because your major doesn’t offer you a clearly defined path doesn’t mean you can’t start planning and taking steps towards your future. 

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