FAFSA deadline 2021

Reaching the deadline is the greatest fear when it comes to filing FAFSA form. Get the present dates,time and tips to apply for FAFSA in the simplest way.

Updated by TCM Staff on 7th November 2020

Reaching a deadline is a complete nightmare any student/individual would dread. The quicker and earlier you file for FAFSA, the higher are your chances for you to receive more federal aid.

The FAFSA deadline for the 2020-2021 session must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT on June 30, 2021.

Keep up with the date and time to support your financial aid, as the deadlines for federal or state may vary.

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What is a FAFSA deadline?

The latest time an due date by which a student should file and submit their FAFSA is called the FAFSA deadline. 

The FAFSA deadline for the 2020-2021 session is June 30, 2021.

It has an 18-month application process and is available by 1st October. The federal loan application deadline is mostly the same for every person that is June 30, 2021. Any missing details, queries, updates can be corrected before September 14, 2021.

Certain documents and evidence such as your income tax details, tax information, certification from your past, and present status are taken into account to grant eligibility.

Students should also utilize state financial aid beforehand to apply for federal support.

The State deadlines occur early and the application should be submitted beforehand.

A FAFSA application should be submitted on or before the very deadline, latest by midnight on June 30, 2021.

Contact/customer services of FAFSA is 1800-433-3243

FAFSA open date and deadline:

Academic year

FAFSA open date

Federal FAFSA deadline



June 30, 2021



June 30, 2022

Criteria to apply under FAFSA

Check for the latest updates and conditions imposed on their page or website given.

Worry not, it is simple if you keep a note of it. FAFSA requirements are basic and accessible for students.

Listed below are the criteria/condition under some states:

  • Your FAFSA ID is a must.

  • Driving license, your security card, registration card, residence proof, if you are not a citizen from the US.

  • Also your W-2 forms, 1099 forms for the past years, income status details.

  • For a married individual, the addition of spouse documents is a must.

  • Your parent's income status details, W-2 forms, and 1040 forms from the past years for dependent students.

  • A detailed record and listed documents of other income-based received. Such as social security income, veterans benefits, military allowances, clergy allowances, welfare benefits.

  • Business/farm records if required.

  • Details of current bank, brokerage account statements, including stock records, bonding agreements, other mutual funds, investments if applicable and necessary.

  • Detailed records of any sudden financial circumstances that distinguish the family from the typical family. Examples are dental expenses, health expenses like high unreimbursed medical, that is any high dependent costs, divorce, death, losing jobs, less salary, private tuitions. This could increase the amount of aid received although not necessary.

  • Title IV Institution Codes for each school, you can use this code too for the influence.

Take a good note of the above, make sure to assemble all the documents and records, while filing for FAFSA. Make it an easy simple task by

  • Check your email for proof after you've filed for mails received.

  • Refer for help to a FAFSA worksheet during the process of gathering application details.

  • It is your top priority to fill out your forms sooner and not last minute, don't miss your important support to your financial aid.

  • Make copies, save files, or pdf as proof with a copy of your completed FAFSA application.

  • The deadline is midnight, central standard time, central daylight time.

  • Above all, stay updated to the FAFSA due dates, time, changes made by being active on the given website or page.

List of state financial aid deadlines and programs by states

Listed below are the FAFSA 2020 to 2021 deadlines and programs given by States in alphabetical order (A-W)


Connect with your financial aid administrator.


The deadline under the Alaska education Grant program is 1st October 2019. Awards are granted until funds are satisfied.


The deadline is midnight central time, 15 February 2020, for special consideration.


The deadline for many state financial aid programs is 2 march, 2020 with school-certified GPA by proof of mailing, and to retain a copy of their GPA form.

If you are not from the U.S. without a social security card, it is important to fill out the California Dream Act Application found at caldreamact.org. Also, you don't require a FAFSA form to be eligible for California student financial aid.

Connect the California student Commission or your financial aid administrator.


Consult your financial aid administrator.


The deadline is 15 February 2020, by midnight CT.


The deadline is 15 April 2020, by midnight CT.


The date is 15 May 2020 and is still processed.


Console to your financial aid administrator.


Rectify to your financial aid administrator, extra documents must be required.


Apply it before 1 July 2020, midnight CT.


After 1 Oct 2019. Conditions apply for awards.


Recommended by 1 July 2021.


Apply if before 1 May 2020, midnight CT.


Midnight CT, 1 March 2020.


Midnight CT, 1 May 2020.


1 March 2020, midnight CT.


30 days after the recommended date starts, midnight CT.


Apply it by Dec 1, 2019.


Console with your financial aid administrator.

New Mexico

Consult with your financial administrator.

New York

Apply by June 30, 3021, by midnight CT.

North Carolina

As possible after Oct 1, 2019.

North Dakota

As possible after Oct.1, 2019.


By Oct 1, 2010, by midnight CT


As soon as after Oct 1, 2019.


As soon as after Oct 1, 2019, under the Oregon opportunity grant. OSAC private scholarships; apply as soon as March 1, 2020. Consult with your state agency.


Can apply by Aug 1, 2020, by midnight CT, for those enrolling in a community college, trade, technical, hospital school, business, non-transferable two-year program, etc under it.

Other aspirants by may 1,2020, by midnight CT with the additional forms.

Rhode Island

Verify and connect with your financial administrator with the requirements needed.

South Carolina

As soon as possible after Oct 1, 2019. And for applicants applying for tuition assistance, apply by June 30, 2020, by midnight CT.

South Dakota

Consult and verify with your financial aid administrator as additional forms must be required.


Deadlines may vary between private and two-year institutions. Console with your financial aid administrator. Submit it by Jan 15, 2020, for priority consideration.


Consult and rectify with your state agency or your financial aid administrator.


The deadline is after Oct 1, 2019.


As possible after Oct 1, 2019.


Consult and verify with your financial aid administrator.


Consult, rectify with your financial aid administrator as there may be requirements of additional forms.

About Federal FAFSA deadline

The federal FAFSA deadline for 2021 is your golden chance to file the FAFSA per year. You can submit the form until June 30, 2021, if you require financial aid for the 2020-2021 session. Also, work-study programs and most state and institutional aid will run out quickly for 2020-2021 for federal grants and student loans.

Even if you wait by June 30, you can peacefully receive loans and grants to cover your expenses for the spring or fall semester.

It mostly depends on the criteria and conditions of your school and based on that be ready to apply the funds to pay for 2021 summer schools as provided.

Steps to note after filing for FAFSA

Following are the next steps,

  • Track and point the interested college's aid deadlines for the earliest. Contact their respected agency, write to them, and use a spreadsheet dedicated to your college search details.

  • Submit any additional financial aid applicants such as the CSS profile.

  • Keep a good reminder of Oct 1

  • Wait for your financial aid award letter on how much free and you'll qualify on federal loans or on how much you can borrow. make sure you know how to read your financial aid letter

Alternate ways to key pay for colleges

Every year is a challenging one when it comes to paying for education by comparing to college scholarships, grants, internships, credit maintenance, for which you should be eligible. 

Scholarships and internships are offered in companies like Apple, Google, Dreamworks, and NASA. Put a good effort in the content cited above and apply it, it's never too late. 

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If you are not from the U.S. without a social security card, it is important to fill out the California Dream Act Application found at caldreamact.org. Also, you don't require a FAFSA form to be eligible for California student financial aid.

Connect the California student Commission or your financial aid administrator.

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