Top 8 Cheapest Out of State Tuition Colleges

College tuitions can be sky high for out of state tuition. Here is list of cheapest colleges which you can find out in an easy way to waive out of state tuition.

Updated by TCM Staff on 7th November 2020

Everyone has this assumption that any public institution withing the state is reasonably priced, but that is not the case always. There are many institutions in the country where the tuition prices are very high.

On average the college fee per year including the dorm was $21,370 and the tuition fee along with housing facility in public colleges costs more than double which is $48,510.

If you are one among those who want to go out from your state and taste the other state, we list down a few cheapest out of state tuition colleges that you must consider.

Cheapest Out of State Tuition Colleges

An out of state tuition college is a college which is not in your current residing state. Out of state colleges also mean a lot of expenses right from boarding to lodging to other miscellaneous expenses apart from the tuition fee. The following are a few universities that comparatively have a less out-of-state tuition fees. 

1. The University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

If you are ready to take a step into the South Florida University, you should meet the minimum requirement and have to bare minimum charges. Below are the fee structure and information other additional charges at the USF.

Out-of-state students who are not Florida residents can expect a one-year cost of $36,085.

The Estimated Annual Cost for Non-Residents is as follows:


Per Year

Tuition Fee


Additional Fee


Flat Cost


Books and Supplies


Campus Expenses


Acceptance rate


2. Chadron State University, Nebraska

Chadron State University is a 4-year degree college founded in 1911 with a small rural agricultural community. This University offers both the degrees Undergraduate (bachelors) and Graduate (masters). It is also providing Majors and Programs with almost 52 undergraduate programs and 8 graduate programs. CSU provides scholarships at both degree levels.

The Estimated Annual Cost for Undergraduate Tuition is as follows:

Undergraduate On-Campus Cost

Per Year

Tuition and Fees


International Student Fee




Housing Cost (Double Occupancy)


Books and Supplies


Food cost


Health/Accident Insurance


Total Estimated Cost


The Estimated Annual Cost for graduate Tuition is as follows:

Graduate On-Campus Cost

Per Year

Tuition and Fees


International Student Fee




Housing Cost


Books and Supplies


Food cost


Health/Accident Insurance


Total Estimated Cost


On-campus housing and meal plans are not available for graduate students. International student fee covers expenses like wire transfer fee and transportation facility.

3. Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Oklahoma (OPSU)

OPSU, 1909 offers the most affordable higher education opportunities both on-campus as well as online. Students have a great chance to apply for grants, scholarships, and student loans.

Average Out-of-State Tuition at Oklahoma Panhandle State University is $14,766 per year.

The Estimated Annual Cost for Out-State Students is as follows:


Per Year

Tuition and Fees


 Miscellaneous and Personal expenses


Housing and Meals


Total Estimated Cost


4. Southern University, New Orleans (SUNO)

Southern University which was founded in 1956 provides 25 degrees at the associate, bachelor's and master's levels. One important feature to be noted about SUNO is it has a robust online learning program.

The Estimated Annual Cost for Out-State Students is as follows:

Expenses Undergraduate Tuition
Tuition $16,070
Room and Board


Books and Supplies $1,300

5. Minot State University - Minot, North Dakota

Minot State University which is established in 1913 is the third-largest university providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It has an advisory board and champion for the institution.

This university offers 9 master’s degrees and one education specialist degree in areas of mathematics, communication disorders, and management. It also has 60 majors at the undergraduate level which offers business, education and health sciences, arts, and sciences.


Undergraduate Per Year Cost


Per Year Cost

Tuition and Fees



Room and Board



Books and Supplies



Average Out-of-State Tuition: $6,086 per year and the health insurance of $2,364 is offered to international students.

6. Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU)

This university has a unique feature that provides scholarships for students who can cover their college expenses along with their personal expenditure. As per the U.S. News and World Report, it is considered one of the best colleges in the entire southern area.


Undergraduate Per Year Cost

Graduates Per Year Cost

Tuition Rates



Living expenses, Books and Supplies



Student Activity Fee



7. Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

Peru state college is a four-year degree college that provides almost 13-undergraduate degrees and two master's programs with class size bearing approximately 20 students.

Residents/Non-Resident Students

Annual Cost



Room and Board


Other Fees


Books & Supplies






Estimated Total Cost


Students staying in the residence halls must choose from the below list:

  • 275-Meal Block – $2,193 (per semester)

  • 210-Meal -Block – $1,789 (per semester)

  • 130-Meal Block – $1,192 (per semester)

  • 75-Meal Block – $596 (per semester) (Oak Hill Only)

Computer grads can take any meal plan.

Refunds are available:

  • Peru State College has the option to get refunded 100% if any students canceled their housing rent during the first week of class of their room and board charges.

  • Students should check the residence halls within 48 hours of canceling/withdrawing.

  • No refunds are given after the eighth week of school.

  • If any student cancels their rent for fun, severe action is taken by the college board and will not receive the money back.

8. New Mexico Highlands University - Las Vegas

New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) is a public university in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It was first established as New Mexico Normal School in 1893. The institution became New Mexico Normal University in 1902, and then New Mexico Highlands University in 1941 after it expanded its role beyond teacher education.

Today, NMHU offers graduate and undergraduate programs in arts and sciences, business, education, and social work. The cost of attending NMHU is broken down below

On-Campus Annual Cost


Tuition & Fee


Housing costs


Books and Supplies


Other Living Expenses


Other Fees


 Out of state colleges are a great opportunity for students who want to explore life beyond their comfort zones and up for some real challenges. OUt of state colleges also teach students to live independently and responsibly. If you are aspiring to apply to an out of state college, this article might come handy. Good luck!

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