10 Colleges That Don't Require SAT Score

Are you worried about you're SAT scores? There are colleges that don't require SAT scores for admissions and here is a list of those colleges for your rescue.

TCM Staff

27th October 2020

If you are a student who does not want to submit the SAT score considering your performance in that particular test but still want to join a considerably good college, then here is an article that gives you details on the colleges that do not require SAT or ACT scores. But before going to that topic let us know what exactly is this test and why it is necessary.

What is the SAT?

It is a patterned and standard test that is considered as an entrance test, generally utilized for college admissions in the United States. It was inaugurated by the College Board in 1926 and its name and scoring have been changed several times since then. 

It is considered to be an important test as it will help you get into the college you always wanted to join. The format of the SAT exam will be in the form of multiple-choice questions. Learn more about What is the SAT?

Is it compulsory for all the colleges?

Not really. There are few colleges and universities that do not consider or require your SAT scores and will permit you to join their institution but for that to happen, there will be a certain set of rules you must follow.

Colleges that don’t require SAT Score

As we have already discussed, it is very important to get into college but there are certain universities that do not need SAT scores. We shall discuss them below.

1. St. John's University

It was founded in the year 1870 and is located in Queens, New York which has 21,346 undergraduate students. Students can apply to St. John's University using either the Common App or the St. John's Application. 

For students who don’t want to submit their SAT and ACT scores will have to add an additional personal essay and letters of recommendation according to the university. 

Acceptance Rate: 38%

2. University of Chicago

It was founded in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller and is located at Chicago, Illinois. The university has 6,286 undergraduate students studying across 52 majors in the present situation. 

It does not require standardized test scores. It accepts both the Common App and the Coalition Application and it also requires a personal statement and essays. 

Acceptance Rate: 9%

3. New York University

It is a university founded in 1831 and located in Manhattan. It is a campus with over 50,000 students. NYU requires all incoming first-year students to complete the Common App and pay an $80 application fee. 

In order to get admitted to this college, you can submit SAT or ACT scores, International Baccalaureate Diploma, three AP exam scores, three IB higher-level exam scores, or a variety of international examinations. 

 Acceptance Rate: 28%

4. Brandeis University

It was founded in 1948 and is located in Waltham, Massachusetts with the enrollment of 3,639 students. Some of the most popular subjects concentrated are economics, business, and communications. Students will have to complete the Common App, pay an $80 application fee in order to apply for this college. 

Students who do not want to submit their SAT or ACT scores can submit approved documents or they can present a graded analytical writing sample, from 11th or 12th grade. 

Acceptance Rate: 38%

5. Rollins College

It was established in the year 1885 and is located in Winter Park, Florida. There are over 3000 students registered in this college presently. It says about 10% of their application pool each year chooses not to submit standardized test scores

Acceptance Rate: 64%

6. Wesleyan University

It was founded in 1831 in Middletown, Connecticut. There are about 3000 students enrolled in this university. Some of the most popular majors are economics, area studies, English literature, and political science. It does not require standardized test scores

It also enables you to overcome test scores or only submit your highest critical reading, writing, and math scores from each test you take. 

Acceptance Rate: 16%

7. University of Texas at Austin

It was founded in the year 1883 and more than 51000 students are enrolled for this institution. Students interested can apply using either the official page of college or The Coalition for College Application. 

Although the university typically requires SAT and ACT scores, students who are local residents have achieved the top 6% of their school are guaranteed direct admission by state law without submitting the test scores

Acceptance Rate: 36%

8. California State University Fullerton 

It was founded in 1957 and is located in Fullerton, California. It has approximately 40,000 undergraduate students. This university basically requires SAT and ACT scores, but residents of California can avoid this if they have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Out of state students who are keen to avoid standardized test will require a minimum of 3.6 GPA

Acceptance Rate: 46%

9. Connecticut College

It is located in New London, Connecticut, and has an enrollment of 1,865 undergraduate students. According to the institution's website, 92% of Connecticut College's undergraduates are ranked in the top 20% of their high school class. 

The submission of standardized test scores is optional, but the university says you should send test scores if students are happy about their result and it is said that it will enhance your application. 

Acceptance Rate: 38%

10. Bowdoin College

It is one of the top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the country. It was founded in 1794 and is located in the small town of Brunswick, Maine. Currently, the college has an enrollment touching 2,000 students. 

It does not require the SAT or ACT results from most of its students. Those who are interested in applying to the university should send an application, an essay, letters of recommendation, and a high school transcript. 

Acceptance Rate: 14%

Other universities which neglect SAT scores

  • American College of Computer and Info. Sciences, Birmingham, AL

  • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

  • California National University for Advanced Studies, Northridge, CA

  • Darkei Noam Rabbinical College, Brooklyn, NY

  • Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, NY

  • Faith Baptist College and Theological Seminary, Ankeny, IA

  • Grantham College of Engineering, Sidell, LA

  • Harrington Institute of Interior Design, Chicago, IL

  • International Academy of Design and Technology, multiple locations

  • John Jay College of Criminal (CUNY), New York, NY

  • Kehilath Yakov Rabbinical Seminary, Brooklyn, NY

  • Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA

  • Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, MO

  • New England Institute. of Art and Communication, Brookline, MA

  • Ohio University, Zanesville Campus, Zanesville, OH

  • Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

  • Rabbinical College Beth Shraga, Monsey, NY

  • Shor Yoshuv Rabbinical College, Far Rockaway, NY

  • Thomas University, Thomasville, GA

  • Virginia College, Birmingham, AL

  • Western International University, Phoenix, AZ

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