Common App vs Coalition App

Find out the difference between Common App and Coalition App in the context below. Both common app and coalition app helps students to cover schools and colleges. So what is the difference?

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21st August 2020

Many students often ask questions on the Common App vs Coalition App. The colleges and universities developed a new application (such as common/coalition application) that allows students to build a college portfolio online right from their high school start.

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The common application and coalition application are online platforms that welcome you to apply to many colleges at once. Both the application systems process by allowing students to fill out difficult details such as their contact information, grades, scores, essay, extracurricular activities, everything just at once.

Using the Common App and Coalition App, you’ll have to pay for application fees depending on the colleges you’re applying to.

Common Application (Common App) and Coalition Application (Coalition App) covers top schools and universities but not as many as the coalition App.

The main difference between them is that, the latter attempts to give lower resourced and underrepresented students fewer details cited below.

Common App

It is a tool used to help to streamline the process of applying to various schools.

It allows a student to enter their demographics, educational related history, their test score date, activities, essay, helping students save time, and solving their problems.

It allows students to offer up to 10 activities from their high school resumes.

It integrates with a school’s guidance office by using Naviance or eDocs.

The Common App has the enhancements for the 2019-20 session, consisting of an integration service transfer app, higher flexibility in the activities section.

Their main goal remains the same still today.

Coalition App

The coalition app prefers the top two activities and then allows you to up to eight activities.

It doesn’t offer school guidance via Naviance or eDocs. They use the virtual locker in which students can share with the school counselor. 

The main goal is to bring a change in the system for students in high school.

Most of the institutions use a coalition app as it offers good financial aid packages, it will be lending you help in terms of financial aid.

Some schools prefer the coalition app rather than the common app. Examples are; the University of Mexico, University of Georgia, UT Austin, Virginia Tech, etc.

Locker features allow you to save your details, helps you easily organize.

You can include people such as your parents, counselors, mentors to your coalition account if you want.

However, the disadvantage is that far few schools accept the coalition app. According to a report, over 143 schools will be accepting the Coalition App for the 2019-20 school session, while with more than 800 schools accepting the Common App in comparison.

Also, the interface does not work at times.

Is there any price difference?


They are both free platforms. You can still have to pay for the individual fees to each college or university you prefer.

Can you use both the Common App or the Coalition App?

Institutions that allow both the applications have terms. They stated that they will not treat students who use the Coalition application differently.

Which App to use?

The most used App is the Common App because there is a huge number of college partaking and university membership account. The coalition application can be a great choice also, especially for students who need more flexibility and support in their submitted application, such as art majors submitting media.

The Universal application is another option for those students interested in applying to their member selection depending on your situation or choices.

Concluding thoughts 

For students pursuing higher studies in the 2019-20 session, recommends using the coalition app currently. Thus, it does not advise students currently in the high schools enrolling who have their eyes on elite colleges at least begin archiving the best examples of their academic work as additional coalition schools, may mandate the use of their application in the coming days.

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